Huddle Up, East Falls!

Pennsylvania might’ve swung red this election, but Philadelphia’s a proud blue Sanctuary City. For many Fallsers, political action seems the next step — but how? Tactical, team-oriented strategies for local resistance. 

Sorry, guys, but journalistic “objectivity” is not our thing. You might as well know it: we disagree with the current White House administration — in particular their use of the phrase “alternative facts” with a straight face. That’s our defining line, at least. Yours may be gender equality or the Muslim ban or the Johnson Amendment

Whatever it is, experts have devised a plan with three targets & four tactics we can all employ to help fight against threats to justice, freedom, and the American way. Groups now meeting on Midvale!

The above video by resistance group “Indivisible” maps out an activist blueprint devised by today’s top political strategists. First step?  Identify our voice in Washington. We have three targets: our two US senators and our state rep.

For us in East Falls, that’s:

Senator Pat Toomey
Senator Bob Casey, Jr.
Congressman Dwight Evans.

Out of all our government leaders, these three men must answer to us, their constituents. “Indivisible” recommends voters team up on four important tactics to get our voices heard.

  1. Town Halls: Members of Congress hold them regularly, providing a public forum to ask important questions and document answers.
  2. Public events: Politicians’ schedules are full of parades, assemblies, ribbon-cuttings… These provide great opportunities to speak our concerns, and express gratitude for standing firm on important issues.
  3. Office visits: Take advantage of office hours to let our representatives know we vote, we’re informed, and we’re watching.
  4. Phone calls: Organize “mass call days” to send a message with ringing phones & filled mailboxes.

Neighborhood teams are forming now at BuLogics, where Felicite Moorman & Ryan Buchert are offering their office space, stamps, internet — their support in any way — towards empowering Fallsers into effective action.

“I don’t want to be a leader, but a facilitator,” Felicte told a diverse crowd of 20ish people who came out to the first East Falls Huddle last Thursday (Feb 2nd). She feels strongly that action should come from a consensus of the group — so they’ll be holding regular meetings for neighbors to connect and move forward organically.

Get to know your fellow freedom fighters! Next meeting follows East Falls Forward’s general assembly Thursday, February 16th (Huddle begins around 8pm). 3721 Midvale Avenue. 

If you’re ready to build on momentum from January’s marches, please consider joining your neighbors in taking positive action. For more details on resistance strategies, download Indivisible’s pdf or read online.

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HANDY RESOURCE: Alisa Lenander’s list includes all the requisite contact information for our local representatives.


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