From East Falls With Love

Lovelights are here!  Now in its 18th year, the February tradition at McMichael Park celebrates loves of all kinds with Lovelight messages. Watch for the tree lighting on the evening of Feb. 14th when a tree will glow for all your loved ones. 

McMichael Park
Frances Bourne & Bill Hoffner

Loved Ones
Betty Miller

Friends of McMichael Park

Mary Ann Gallagher: (1943-2016) She loved McMichael Park, & She loved living in East Falls
Ellen Kennedy

Brian…I love you more.

Gloria Thorp
Deborah Thorp & Rich Lampert

Our grandson, Elliott Charles Phillips
Becky & Dale Phillips

In memory of David Hayes
Gingie & Cappy Hayes

EF Pack Walk
Woof!  Daisy

Friends of McMichael Park
The Matzkos

Linda M. Leube

In memory of George Bell
Susan & Hank Harrison

Selma Lampert
Rich Lampert & Deborah Thorpe

Jenna Snyder Phillips
Mom & Dad

In celebration of Christian Hayes
Gingie & Cappy Hayes

St. Bridget Choir…Keep on singing!

Marie Anne Spedding Gibbs With all his Admiration & Love
her adoring husband, Steve

Guston the Cat
Deborah Thorpe & Rich Lampert

Becky Snyder Phillips

Our grandson, Elliott Charles Phillips
Dale & Becky

Our son Sam, so proud of you!
Mom & Dad

David & Wally
Brian, Christina & Daisy

Love to Cappy

Love to Gingie

Five Fishes
Tom Williams & Keith Shively

In Memory of El-Nathan Iga
Geoff & Charlene Brock

Delores Buzniak
Joe Terry

Spike the Cat
Deborah Thorpe & Rich Lampert

Alex Phillips
Mom & Dad

Morgan Emery
Becky & Dale

Peggy Morris
Philip Morris

Carolyn & Steve
Brian & Christina

In memory of our fathers.
Deborah Thorpe & Rich Lampert

In memory of Peter Edward Howe
Geoff & Charlene Brock

Ryan & Kara Bednar
Ronald & Carla Bednar

Robert…Shine on for us!
Sandy & Nicky

Norma Mercer
Joe Leube

Judith Harvey
Alan Harvey

Alice Carey
Joe Terry

Bud Bailey…from his wife to her Forever Hero.

Our neighbors
Deborah Thorpe & Rich Lampert

Michael Frances Burke, Jr. Miss you everyday.
Aunt Sandy

In memory of Charles Koenig
Geoff & Charlene Brock

Friends of McMichael Park
Brian & Christina

Kira Bednar & Carn Lamarche
Ronald & Carla Bednar

Elizebeth Harvey
Alan Harvey

Mike Burke…in loving memory
Gram & “Pop”

In memory of my beloved parents, Dr. John R. & Cristine Shaffer

Kasey & Tori
Frankie Jueds

In memory of Reverend Barry Traver
Geoff & Charlene Brock

The old Pawlonia
Deborah Thorpe & Rich Lampert

Michael Francis Burke, Jr. Always in our hearts…
Nick & Anthony

Dearest Granddaughter Claire
Nonna & Grandpa Jay Pagano

Owen Harvey
Alan Harvey

Dick Gardner, “Love Forever.”
Mary Ann

Mike Burke…Never Forgotten.
“Aunt” Sue

Our Favorite Panda, Zachary
Mom & Dad

With thanks to the Obamas
Frank & Mary Kaderabek

In loving memory of our mama, Doris Jackson Loughlin
Cheryl, Debbie & Brad

Our entire Pagano crew
Glennis & Jay Pagano

Bill Jueds
Frankie Jueds

In memory of John Kohlbecker
Dr. Charlene Brock

For All our Friends in East Falls
Vic & Mimi Mather

Alan Harvey

Chris Gardner, “Love Forever”.

Our McMichael Park volunteers!
The Turtle

John Fuller
Frankie Jueds

Alan Harvey

Mom/Nan London
Glennis & Jay Pagano

In loving memory of our Daddy, James Loughlin
Cheryl, Debbie & Brad

Lena Corkery
Mommom & Poppop

In memory of Jane Lally
Your son

Poppy and Sammy and Hero, With Love
Frankie Jueds

In honor of Max, Everett, Miles & Madeleine
Papa & Gaga

In honor of the wonderful patients & families I’ve had the privilege to serve through the years.
Dr. Charlene Brock

Our beautiful neighbors & friends
Ronald & Carla Bednar

Our East Falls Neighbors
Glennis & Jay Pagano

To celebrate our 37th Wedding Anniversary.
Ronald & Carla Bednar

Stephanie Epstein
Bill Epstein

My sweet doggie, Charlie who loves to go to the Park and run FREE in the beautiful open green space
Beth Gross-Eskin

Chrissy Curci & Greg Curci
Mom & Dad

In Loving memory of Peter E. Kishinchand
Cynthia & Kumar Kishinchand

In Loving memory of the best parents ever, Ralph & Loraine Hirst
Bill & Allison O’Callaghan

For Doris, Happy Birthday!
Marie & Ellen

EFHS members
EFHS Board

Veronica Curci & Erin Curci & Joe Curci
Grandmom & Grandpop

John Sr.
Connie Gillespie

To the Turtle and his Friends
Cynthia Kishinchand

In loving memory of dear Midvale Neighbors, Sedric & Vicky Melidosian
Bill & Allison O’Callaghan

Prince Albert

Chuck, Kelley, and Joe
Grammie & Pop

18 years of Lovelights…Impressive!!!
Zachary, from China

John Jr. & Family
Connie & John Gillespie

The Three E’s
Connie & John Gillespie

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation
Friends of McMichael Park

Philip Hughes & Kim Dickstein
Mom & Dad

Colleen Frens & Baz Frens
Mom & Dad

Eamonn Frens
Grandmom and Grandpop

Patch & Meg
Connie Gillespie

Remembering John & Josephine Smeraski
Alexis & John-david Franklin

In honor of our dear Midvale neighbor, Dr. Leigh Marsh
Bill & Allison O’Callaghan

For Donna
Love, Robert Rabinowitz

For Gabrielle
Love, your Dad

In loving memory of our dear Midvale neighbor, Alice Cary
Bill & Allison O’Callaghan

Beth Hymel
Bill Epstein

In honor of the best husband, Bill O’ Callaghan
With love from Allison

Fiona & the memory of her predecessors.
Connie Gillespie

Judi and Bill Morrow
Don & Nan Donaghy

Dave Donaghy
Don & Nancy Donaghy

Mary and Bud Giannattasio
Don & Nancy Donaghy

Gayl and Her Henze
Don & Nancy Donaghy

Dot & Sir Donaghy
Don & Nancy Donaghy

Ann & Bill Rodenberger
Don & Nancy Donaghy

Beatrice and George Gowling
Freda Gowling

Oscar Shaw
with love, Maisie

Dan & Kristin Donaghy
Don & Nancy Donaghy

Brigid, Fionn, Tug, Rory & Molly Donaghy
Don & Nancy Donaghy

Eamon, Bronson, Shaun, Richard, Gresham, Gordon, David, & John
Mary Mather

Liz Donaghy & Jamie Mullen
Don & Nancy Donaghy

Delores & Jim Mullen
Don & Nancy Donaghy

“Leading Lady”
Don & Nancy Donaghy

Judi Morrow’s mother, Evelyn Karabel
Don & Nancy Donaghy

In appreciation for angels known & unknown…For my new Lucy & For Grace who will not be forgotten.
Joan Callan

Christina, Brian & David (Daisy & Wally too!)
Carolyn, Steve, & Ducky

Tim Johnsen, Love and miss you
Mom, Dad, Meg & Tom

John Geoghegan
Colleen and Jack

Jim and Betty Wilkinson
Betsy, Kathie, Jim, Eileen & Judy

Patrick Quinn
Don & Bets

Maryanne McGlynn Leauby
Maeve, Finn, Mia, Livy, Alex & Evan

Mary Crawford
Maryanne, Matt, Mary Beth & Chris

Happy Valentines Birthday to our dear friend, Marvin Hobbs
Christine Martin

Kirby Smith, Echel Groves & Gavin Smith
Joan Smith

Thanks to all who supported this great tradition. Alexis Franklin, President of the Friends of McMichael Park, wrote a poem to express her gratitude:


From a Prince to a Panda,
A Paulownia to a Park.
Friends, Spouses and Hero’s
And Volunteers will spark.
Our 18th year, a tree aglow
With Thanks from the Turtle
Your constant beau.

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