In Like a Lion!

A look back when winter roared thru the Falls this March… 

Queen lane near Henry Ave
Kelly Drive by Laurel Hill Cemetery

East Falls saw some serious storm damage when an early March nor’easter slammed the area with snow and violent winds that tore trees from their roots – smashing cars, downing powerlines, and leaving key roads blocked for a full week.

A giant sycamore toppled on an Ainslie Street home, crashing thru the roof, uprooting the sidewalk and smashing the chimney of the house nextdoor. No injuries were reported, but the homeowner had to move out until repairs could be completed. Murphy’s Law: the home had just been renovated, too. Ugh!

Queen Lane (near Mifflin) and Ainslie
Snow on blossoms at Gypsy Lane Condos

Before winter was done with us, yet another snow storm hit us March 21st – the first day of spring, yet. Out like a lamb? Hardly! Trees had budded and even started flowering when eight inches of heavy wet snow piled on the landscape here.

“It’s like winter is really mad and keeps storming out of the room and then coming back yelling, ‘And another thing!’” said a popular meme describing this March’s weather exactly. Certainly, we’re all extra-ready for spring this year.

Of course we took video too. Enjoy! And let’s keep these in mind when we’re complaining about the heat this summer…

Until next year, Jack Frost!


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