January 2016

3300 Scotts Lane (Click address for map)
Two complainants were walking westbound on Scotts Lane from bar when two unknown white males followed them asking them what time it is. Offender #1 (21-25 y.o. 5’8”- 5’9” tan jacket w gray hoody) then stated “Give me your wallet” then began to punch compl #1, causing him to fall and hit his head on a railing. Offender #2 (21-25 y.o. 5’8”- 5’9” black jacket) then attacked compl #2, kicking him numerous times in the head. Both compls taken to hospital. Compl #2 experiencing memory loss. Stolen: $420

Theft from vehicle
33XX Midvale Ave.
Unknown person(s) entered unlocked vehicle between 5PM on 1/24 and 7:30PM on 1/25. Stolen items: Sunglasses, pocket knife, wallet Value: $40

Theft from vehicle
33XX Midvale Ave.
Unknown person(s) entered unlocked vehicle between 7PM on 1/24 and 8AM on 1/25. Stolen items: EZ Pass and vehicle insurance card Value: $45

Auto Theft
34XX Henry Ave.
Complainant stated that she parked her 2013 Toyota Corolla at listed location and when she returned, it was gone. Value: $18,000

36XX Weightman (Click address for map)
Between 9AM and 5:15PM, an unknown person pried open the front door to complainant’s house, breaking deadbolt from door. Cmpl states that no items were taken and nothing was out of place. She stated that her pet dog was at residence all day. Scene was processed with negative results. Residence has no cameras, no alarms.

36XX Winona Street
Between 7:40AM and 3PM, an unknown person forced open rear basement door by unknown means breaking door frame at the bolt. Stolen items: 40″ TV, iPhone 4S, and Kindle tablet. Value: $2400
Witness stated that at 1:30 he observed 3 black males (and one in a dark aqua minivan–possibly older-model Nissan Quest) in rear driveway of residence. Witness called 911 to report suspicious activity.
Scene was processed with two print cards submitted and 4 photos taken. Police unable to track cellphone or computer. Residence has no cameras, no alarms.

Theft from vehicle
5795 Lincoln Drive
Between 4 and 6PM, an unknown person broke the lock of the passenger side rear door of the complainant’s black Hyundai Sonata (complainant had left window slightly open) and stole a wedding ring, watch, wallet, Visa cards, and other miscellaneous items. Stolen items valued at $5,000

Theft from vehicle
365X Calumet
Complainant forgot to lock vehicle doors and an unknown person gained entry and ransacked the vehicle. Complainant’s work laptop was stolen. It was contained in a black bag under the front passenger seat. Stolen item: Laptop, valued at $1000

40XX Ridge Avenue
Police responded to location for burglary in progress. They found front door glass broken out. Upon entering property, they witnessed a black male approaching them from rear of house (kitchen area). he was taken into custody and held until complainant arrived. Compl. stated man had no permission to be in the house. Compl. searched property and found nothing missing.

Burglary – Forcible Entry
39XX East Netherfield Road
Complainant states she left property secure at 6PM on 1/9. Burglary alarm went off at 8:44PM. When she returned, front door was pried open and house was ransacked.
Stolen item: Black Movado watch with leather band and rose gold features, valued at $700

2967 West Schoolhouse Lane (Alden Park Apts)
Employee of the complex witnessed package/mail room door broken open and approximately 74 undelivered mail packages missing of various residents and unknown value. 2 interior cameras appear to have been tampered with. exterior camera located but unable to be accessed by employees at time of report.

40XX Ridge Ave (approximate location –police report lists 4022 Ridge Ave, but no structure at that address)
Complainant (owner of furniture business) states that between 1/9 at 10AM and 1/10 at 10AM, an unknown offender tried to break into listed property through the side door, damaging the lock and door. Property has no cameras. No items stolen.

Theft from vehicle
5450 Wissahickon Avenue (Charter Court Apartments)
Unknown persons broke out rear passenger side window of 2012 white Honda Accord. Stolen items: Backpack containing clothes, two pair of sunglasses, wallet w credit cards and ID (valued at $65)

Theft from vehicle
3545 Sunnyside Ave
Passenger side window broken out of 2010 Gray Dodge Charger.
Stolen items: Car charger, headphones, change (valued at $400)

Theft from vehicle
4200 Kelly Drive (near Kelly and Midvale)
Unknown person(s) forced entry into 2003 Jeep Cherokee
Stolen items: iPhone 6s, wallet, credit cards (valued at $320)

Burglary – forcible entry
3355 Bowman Street
Complainant states unknown male entered his home while his 11 year old son was inside. Male took Playstation 4 and left. Compl stated his friend was at the house when he arrived. Compl then became uncooperative with police. No arrests.
Stolen item: Playstation 4 (valued at $200)

Theft from vehicle
5450 Wissahickon Avenue (Charter Court Apartments)
Unknown person(s) cracked the front and rear driver’s side windows of 2012 gray Ford Explorer.
Stolen items: iPod and charger (valued at $150)

Theft from vehicle
3018 Lincoln Drive
Unknown person(s) broke front passenger-side window of 1996 Toyota Camry
Stolen items: Gray backpack, green notebook, two wallets, and credit cards (valued at $600)

Theft from vehicle
5450 Wissahickon Avenue (Charter Court Apartments)
Unknown person(s) broke front passenger-side window of 2005 silver Dodge Caravan
Stolen items: Red and black tattoo tool kit and Apple laptop (valued at $2500)

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