Pop-Up Indoor Dog Park for East Falls this Winter


UPDATE 1/18:  Little White Dog Indoor Dog Park Rules (subject to change)

• Please walk your dog in the grassy area before entering
• Indoor dog park hours start at 7pm, you will not be able to enter the facility prior to that time as our daycare day ends at 7pm.
• Owners are completely responsible for their dog’s actions and must be supervising dog at all times.
• Mop, bucket and bags will be provided for cleanup. Owners MUST clean up after their dog.
• All dogs must show proof of up to date vaccinations for rabies, distemper and Bordetella
• All dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed/neutered unless exception is made by LWD and approved by the group
• LWD has tennis balls for play. Any other toys should be brought by owners. BUT please keep in mind that other dogs will want to play with your dog’s toys. If your dog is possessive, please leave his/her toys at home.

The hours for the indoor gym this winter (through March) are *tentatively* Wednesday through Friday from 7-9PM and Saturdays 9-1 — click here to sign up or, better yet, join the Indoor Dog Park Facebook group for the latest hours, prices & updates. 

REMEMBER:  East Falls’s indoor dog park is BYOB (humans only). 

Thank you for supporting this trial run for a dog park in East Falls.

EastFallsLocal daisy wally ducky snow cartoon balloons text East Falls Indoor Dog ParkThe idea came about on a Pack Walk, as our tight group of die-hards stumbled through ice and snow to give our dogs the exercise & socialization they needed. Ugh! Eyes watering, ears stinging…

East Falls Local 2-15 Pack walk starts off from McMichael px tx

Walking by Little White Dog’s entrance on Scotts Lane, one of us joked we should barge in and take the place over for the morning. The idea — and the winter’s freezing temps — stuck, so we figured we might as well ask…

We reached out to owner Barbara Berman to see if her space might be available for groups during off hours (Little White Dog is closed on weekends, and after 7 pm weekdays). Especially for Winter — can we just try it for the worst season for dog walking in Philly?

Eastfallslocal little white dog pop up indoor dog park address

Barbara’s in!  Plans are currently in motion to put together some sort of Dog Park “Co-op” or something using Little White Dog‘s 6,000+ square feet of romping room (in two separate play areas for big/small dogs, plus all kinds of play equipment) along with a few enthusiastic volunteers to help orchestrate this “test run” of a private dog park in East Falls, January through March.

EastFallsLocal play space text 8 x 10

Since this is Barbara’s private property & business, it can’t be a public free-for-all. NW Philly Pack walk, then, we’ll be hosting an orientation/meet-and-greet at Little White Dog SATURDAY JANUARY 9th from 4 – 6 pm. Come take a look at the facilities, and register to participate in upcoming “free-play” times.

sat jan 9 drop shadow orient

IMPORTANT:  If you’d like your dog to play on Saturday, they need to be neutered and up-to-date on their shots — see Little White Dog’s full list of policies for more info.

EastFallsLocal collage lori dogs free play mcdevitt

Additional details to follow shortly, please check back here for more info — we’ll also be posting updates on Facebook and Twitter. We’re still figuring out how this’ll work, probably some sort of membership fee for loading up everyone’s vet records & keeping a “referee” here etc. and then a nominal per-use charge.

Thoughts? TAKE THE SURVEY! Let us know what kind of dog park works best for you. Thanks for your interest in exercise and socialization, looking forward to happy, healthy puppies in 2016.

1/7/15 UPDATE:  Surveys have been coming in — we’ve heard from about 20 people so far, most seem interested in paying one larger fee for unlimited play as opposed to paying a la carte.  Another possible option:  purchasing a block of playtimes, perhaps?

Little White Dog’s indoor dog park could be open as often as weekdays from 7 pm to 9 pm, with mornings/afternoons/evenings available weekends, too.  Looking forward to putting our heads together to get something going.

If you haven’t chimed in yet, please do so.

See you at orientation!

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