Local Tap Takeover Times Two


Welcoming our favorite beer to our favorite bar: WBC brings two of their most popular brews to Murphy’s. EFL was there!

When Tim Gill of Wissahickon Brewing Company reached out to us in email about his brewery’s first local keg delivery to Murphy’s, we dropped everything and raced right over. And it wasn’t just the chance to toast the occasion with the first drafts.

Then again, maybe it was.

Kelpuis Kave

Have you tasted this beer? The brewery is literally right behind where we live at Schoolhouse & Gypsy Lane, and we are constantly finding excuses to stop in for “just one” of our favorite, locally-crafted beers. We’ve often joked that it’s probably a good thing WBC’s tasting room has limited hours.

Well, that’s no longer gonna stop us. Two of WBC’s tastiest beers are now on tap at Murphy’s  — which is open pretty much all the time we are normally awake, and plus serves all our favorite foods.

The first kegs of WBC beer arrives at Murphy’s Sept 6th

Cheers, fellow beer lovers! Next time you’re at Murphy’s, try one of these new WBC’s on tap:

Kelpius Kave — Belgian golden ale (8.1% abv): An original fan favorite. Spiced with cloves & coriander, and conditioned atop hundreds of pounds of blood orange, mango & ruby red grapefruit. Ridiculously smooth for its alcohol content. “Don’t print this but we call it the ‘pantydropper,’” Tim told us. Oops.

Czech, Please! — Bohemian pilsner (4.3% abv): WBC’s “working” beer. A true Bohemian pilsner hopped with Saaz. Crisp, light, refreshing.

Meanwhile, WBC’s tasting room is open weekdays until 10pm and weekends till 11pm (closed Tues). Super dog-and-family-friendly, and they just bought a huuuuuuge HD TV that lights up the whole back seating area.

Toasting to the “local-est” craft beer possible now on tap at Murphy’s

Here’s to twice as many places to enjoy a draft of East Falls’ only local brew! PS: Don’t forget, Murphy’s serves brunch on weekends and the best Bloody Mary’s in town.

ed Note: You can thank East Falls neighbors for pushing back against Community Council’s demands that WBC sign a contract specifying the tasting room would not stay open past 9:00pm weeknights. (That’s why we cover meetings, people!) 

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