Make Bank at the Boneyard


Say goodbye to summer clutter, and hello to cold cash for fall! Five money-making tips for flea market season, plus FREE vendor sign-ups for Laurel Hill cemetery this September. 

Fall in Philly was made for outdoor markets — great weather, and fun crowds now with everyone back from the shore & looking for stuff to do on weekends. Hello, customers!

Laurel Hill’s “Twice as Nice” flea market (Sept 16) is a fantastic way to clear out your house before the holidays and bump up your Christmas fund, to boot. These five quick tips will help even first timers profit like a professional.


ONE  Be an Early Bird – Get to flea markets before they open to size up customers and prepare your space. If booth spaces aren’t assigned, being first on the scene will help score you a prime spot. Sign up for your booth at Laurel Hill FREE right now to pay on the day of, or use your credit card online for priority spaces.

TWO  Gimme Shelter! If you’ve got a canopy, use it! A tented booth always seems more substantial, plus on hot or rainy days, it’s great to have some cover. Bonus points for decorating it or hanging inventory from it – anything that attracts the eye and makes you stand out from other vendors.

THREE Location, Location, Location – The best spaces are usually near the entrance and also around food/drink vendors (but not too close to sticky/drippy items or your inventory could get schmutzed).

At Laurel Hill, the highest visibility spots will be in the front on Ridge Avenue where passing traffic and pedestrians will get a good look.

FOUR: Easy Does It! Flea market customers come to browse, so give them some space to look over your wares. A quick nod or hello is plenty to welcome potential buyers. When they’re ready to chat, they’ll catch your eye. Until then, try not to stare.

FIVE: Don’t Hate the Hagglers – Bargaining is a part of the flea market experience, and as a seller you hold all the power: it’s your merchandise, you call the shots.

That said, if you factor some “wiggle room” into your prices, you can give hagglers the fun they’re looking for. Hagglers also tend to have a hard time passing up a bargain no matter what it is, so they’re great customers for unloading inventory that’s otherwise not moving.

Best wishes for big success to all our vendors!

Laurel Hill’s flea market includes a beer garden and special brunch menu promoted heavily on social media. In addition, all proceeds from table rentals support neighborhood improvements. Hope you can join us!

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