Meanwhile at the Post Office…

No one was hurt but several bad jokes were made.

Witnesses on Nextdoor and East Falls Rants Facebook Page reported a senior-aged gentleman swerving off Ridge and slamming into the post office building Sunday morning October 14th.  (Photo credit: Larry Benjamin)


Joanie C: The driver was taken away in an ambulance with a minor cut on his hand from what I could tell. He came back when his car was towed, seemed alright. No one else was hurt.

Erin W: Glad the driver is ok.  This seems to happen every 6 months, but instead of hitting the post office – they hit the pink building next to it.  If only there was some type of regulatory body that addressed the speed at which cars traveled along road ways…

Katie C: He wasn’t speeding (I was in the car behind him.) It may have been a car problem — looked like his wheel came off (although I suppose it could’ve happened when he hit the building!)

Rob B: Thanks for going postal, mister! You just acted out many of our fantasies! Hope you are ok. Sorry about your car.

James C: Great, we won’t have mail until 2019

Dan C: So how much was it to ship that Jeep?

Aaron O: Is this an example of Philly driving or parking? Hard to tell.

Larry B: Apparently someone thought our local post office offered drive through service. 

Michael S: When you gotta get your package out for delivery before 5pm.

William R: Cars lose control on that stretch of Ridge about once a month. The fire hydrant near the post office gets mown down maybe once a year. We really do need traffic police — people whose job it is to give out tickets for bad driving.

Michael M: So true. If traffic is not at a stand-still, people tear thru that stretch at 50mph. It’s insane.

Bernie J: Who remembers when Top of the Ridge bar was next door, an East Falls hang out.

Dennis C: Bernie, I remember. When I first got hired by the Postal Service in 1971. I open the Post office at 1:30 am to work up letter-size mail at Christmas. That place was really jumping at the time in the morning.

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And drive safe, people!

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