Nosy Neighbor Report: St. Bridget’s School Construction

Sigh. Tis the season to wax nostalgic but whether we like it or not, St. Bridget’s transformation from community school to private residences continues.

While we don’t have to love it, we should at least probably keep an eye on it.  The building needed a facelift anyway — kinda cool to see a modern-living spin on such an old-school structure (literally, ha).

Sub-contractor Angel Colon and his crew are glad to have indoor work during the slow winter months, and they’ve been keeping a great pace. So far they’ve demo’d mostly everything that needs to go, and are busy framing out the condos.

He says this isn’t a particularly challenging remodel — the rooms are nicely plumb & uniform, and also free from hazardous materials he frequently encounters on similarly historic projects.  They’re building 1 & 2 bedroom units with conveniently identical floor plans.

Angel’s proud of the work they’re doing — they enjoy the “churchly” quarters — and kindly let us roam around and snap all the photos we wanted. He briefed us what’s happening when, and invited us back to follow the progress.

Let us know if you’ve got questions for Angel & his crew. Meanwhile, our favorite photos from creeping around the halls of old St. Bridget’s earlier this week. More on our Facebook page, too.

Completion is slated for July of 2015 (no projections as far as occupancy yet).

Stay tuned for more progress reports on our 2nd favorite historic neighborhood construction project.



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