On a Mission

Local business advocate turns her focus to voter education and registration from now to November.

Since its inception in 2009, Mission Incorporated has been about empowering communities – specifically through small local businesses and non-profits organizations. Every year, they choose two pressing issues affecting the local community, and launch large-scale projects to address them.

In the past, they confronted negative racial stereotypes in an installation & discussion panel called “Letters to Trayvon,” which featured Travyon’s father Tracy Martin. Last year, a massive couponing project supplied $1,000+ in laundry detergent and other household items free to neighbors from the sidewalk in front Mission Inc’s offices. This year, it’s all about voting.

Mission Incorporated’s “Government 101” installation is a pop-up booth that teaches people about our government and how to find responsible news sources and voter information. They’ll also be registering voters. DEADLINE ALERT 10/09/18 is the last day to register before November’s election. (You must be a U.S. citizen and a resident of Pennsylvania at least 30 days before the next election, too.)

GOV 101 will be making the rounds at Philly festivals and events thru November, so keep your eyes peeled for your chance to pick Lawanda’s brain about politics, civic process, grants, business – even beauty products. Seriously, Lawanda finds the most amazing products, definitely swing by if she puts out her table (hey, skin care is as important as voting, people).

Volunteer opportunities! Lots of ways to jump into community activism for positive change, call or email to get started.

Husband and wife team Henry Sauter and Lawanda Horton Sauter

Mission Incorporated
Lawanda R. Horton Sauter, MS (President/CEO)
Business & Professional Development Solutions
5537 Germantown Avenue, 19144
267-331-5971, info@missionincdevelopment.com

Mission Incorporated on G-Town Radio! Tune into 92.9FM every Wednesday at 1pm for community info you can’t get anywhere else: events, services, organizations, and opportunities for our neck of NW Philly (starting Sept 5th).

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