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In a post-election world, Pizza Ninja grapples with important questions in his review of the new pizza-slash-coffee spot where Chestnut Hill Coffee used to be. 

Welcome to the post-2016 Presidential Election edition of East Falls pizza reviews.

The great state of Pennsylvania received a lot of national coverage during this election season.  Is it a blue state?  Is it a red state?


The answer is neither, it’s a pizza state.

The Ninja submits the following piece of supporting evidence to you, my loyal pizza reader:


The small, humble, neighborhood of East Falls is, what some would call, downright saturated with pizza shops.  So what did an enterprising entrepreneur decide to do with the vacant former location of Chestnut Hill Coffee at the Falls Center, 3300 Henry Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129?

Open it back up, and serve more coffee of course.


There is something different about this coffee shop though.    That’s right fanatics, this isn’t JUST a coffee shop.  This is a combination coffee & pizza shop.  Founded Coffee & Pizza – King of Coffee and Pizza.  The concept of pizza has just been taken to 11.

Does East Falls need another pizza shop?  Certainly it needs another Pizza Ninja review.

Remember the rules:
The shop has to be located in the 19129
Have delivery
Have cheese pizza.

The Ordering Experience – 5 out of 5:

Founded receives a 5 out of 5 for the ordering experience for a reason that is so simple that I wondered “Why aren’t all of the shops doing this?”  Like most shops, they have a combination of over the phone ordering and web.  Your options are as follows:

1. In Person (3300 Henry Ave)
2. Over the phone (267-900-5338)
3. Grubhub phone app (or website)
4. Their website (which technically redirects to grubhub)
5. Online ordering through Seamless.

But what really made this an enjoyable ordering experience?

As you know, the ninja only deals in plastic.  Often times this means verbally going number by number to give your credit card digits over the phone while ordering.  Founded cuts out all of that unnecessary reading back and forth of the credit card over the phone so you can get your pizza quicker.


When their delivery driver arrives, he swipes your credit card with a Square credit card processing app and your payment is made in seconds.  It’s something that is so simple, yet makes the ordering process so much easier and streamlined. Even better, Square then emails your receipt to you.  Competing pizza shops, take note.

The order was placed at 6:30pm and delivery time was quoted at 35 minutes.  The pizza arrived at 6:59.  6 minutes early. Well played Founded, well played.



Presentation: 4.75 out of 5

These guys are really bringing their A game with the box.  Nice thick cardboard box AND it’s branded – a pizza ninja review first.  The box proclaims Founded to be the “King of Coffee and Pizza.” It has Instagram and Facebook info on the box as well as the phone number.

At the time of this review, it looks like the Instagram account has no pictures and a sparse following, while the Facebook page appears to be non-existent.  I’m deducting points for that.  These guys are new, but if you’re claiming King status, your social media game better be on point. On to the pizza!


This looks good.  Very good.  At a glance, a nice ratio of cheese to sauce to crust.  The crust has a nice golden hue.  The cheese is evenly done.

Looking under the hood a bit, we see a nice char on the crust.  This pizza looks to have reached peak pizza doneness. #pizzagoals

Cheese – 4.5 out of 5
I really liked this cheese.  It had a fantastic taste to it.  A sweet milky/creamy undertone with just the right hint of saltiness.  Also, an appropriate ratio, not too much cheese, not too little.


Sauce – 4.5 out of 5
Great sauce.  It’s on the sweet side, but with notes of garlic.  Again, a suitable ratio of sauce to cheese and crust.  Very tasty with out being too heavy.

Crust – 3.75 out of 5
Tasty crust.  Crust that is cooked perfectly.  Warm, bready crust.  So why the lower score?

This crust is thin, seriously thin.  Thinner than Apollos pizza, the previously reviewed thinnest pizza in East Falls.

So thin that it hurt my heart because the pizza tasted so good.  I wanted more, but with pizza this thin, it begs the question: Are you really getting the optimal pizza value and volume for your money?

CONCLUSION — 4.5 out of 5:
The Ninja thinks this pizza/coffee upstart has what it takes to be a top contender in the neighborhood for years to come based on its fantastic pie.  But sometimes when life gives us answers in the form of more pizza choices, we are left with more questions:

Can we as a country come together behind a president that chooses to eat pizza with a fork?

Does cappuccino pair well with pepperoni?

For a shop that has “coffee” so prominently displayed in its name, why no mention of the actual coffee options or a coffee menu within the pizza delivery menu?

Will Founded deliver coffee to you with your pizza?

Has East Falls suddenly been thrust into a real-life pizza-style version of Game of Thrones now that Founded has proclaimed itself the one true king of the North (-west)?


Pizza Ninja looks to the horizon, searching… for more pizza. Until next year, kids.

FOUNDED Coffee & Pizza
3300 Henry Avenue
Open Mon – Thurs 7am – 10pm; Fri/Sat 7am – 11pm; Sun 8am – 9pm

And now, your moment of zen:


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