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Deli Dreamin’ with a Rumor on the Side

Shared to the East Falls Rants Facebook group, November 7, 2019:

Ed DiMidio What street that

Joshua Pagan Ed DiMidio conrad street

Jenni Marie Joshua Pagan where on Conrad?

Joshua Pagan Jenni Marie conrad and Tilden!

Rachel LaRoo Great people who own it as well!!

Joshua Pagan Rachel LaRoo couldn’t agree more!

Kimberly Krasnow Jovanovic Oooh signage is up! So excited!

Joshua Pagan Kimberly Krasnow Jovanovic it made my heart melt

Chris Breslin Love all the new places popping up…more bars and restaurants!

Kimberly Warren yes, can’t wait for some delicious deli hoagies 🙂

Katie Schank Yesssss breakfast Sammies!!

Scott Richards Whats going on with the old Falls Taproom… aka old Buckets…. I heard it may be opening.

Rob Tini Scott Richards it’s a new bar. Winterberger is doing it. It’s Mark Sherman’s

Jonathan Kennedy It’s going to be a British Pub, done by Artie from In Riva & Foghorn And yes, Sherman owns the building, like he does at In Riva and Foghorn

Joshua Pagan Jonathan Kennedy that’s awesome to hear

Rob Tini Joshua Pagan I’m friends with the contractor😉

Alissa Liss Maree Elanya Maree so exciting!!!!!!!!

Carolyn Card Sutton East Falls dive bar aka Indigo aka Sprigs aka Buckets aka EF Taproom…….

Peggyann Mullen Bobs old corner store. 👍🏻

Arianna Ilkb Somerset Jane Marie YES YES

Krystal Smith Cunillera this is amazing!!!!

Christina K Staurinos Perfect!!!

Nicholas Meeks When is the deli officially opening?!?

Madeline Sowisdral We will be open very soon (official date TBD!) & cannot wait to see all of you. Get ready for the BEST breakfast & lunch in town 😋

Tara L Murphy Madeline Sowisdral tell me you all will be open by 7am?

Madeline Sowisdral Tara L Murphy 6am-4pm M-F, 7-3 weekends! 🌞

Michael Andrew How many are you hoping to seat? Any plans for outdoor seating in the nicer months?

Madeline Sowisdral Michael Andrew 20-25 eat in seating, outdoor seating we’d love to but tbd depending on permits from the city!

Michael Andrew You have a 12-foot sidewalk there, so getting a Streets ROW permit for a sidewalk cafe should be pretty straightforward. If you need help with the plot plan or obtaining the supporting documentation, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Elanya Maree Madeline Sowisdral same owners as brothers cafe?

Madeline Sowisdral Elanya Maree no, we did not own brothers. However we are very close to the family who did. My husband, his brothers & mom all worked at brothers 🙂 we will be bringing back many of the favorite Brothers menu items!

Katreena Blair Is this where the Indian restaurant used to be?

Joshua Pagan Katreena Blair yes, Laxmi’s !

Joel Todd Holy sh*t, yes!

Marian Howard Practically downstairs from me! Been wondering what’s it going to be!

Mackenzie Day 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Felicite Moorman We got 60 techies heading your way Madeline! Just LMK when!

Bfast sammie & “flaming turkey” pics from EF Rants

The Falls Deli opened in late November to rave reviews by delighted neighbors — including both of us, who jumped for joy at the idea of a bacon/egg/cheese on a soft kaiser roll… mmmmm…. Post your reviews to East Falls Rants or submit yours for print in our free monthly newspaper.

Falls Deli 
A very welcome addition to Conrad Street, in the space formerly occupied by Laxmi’s. Breakfast sandwiches, baked goods and Boar’s Head hoagies. Coffee by LaColombe
3492 Tilden Street
Open Mon – Fri 6am – 4pm; Sat/Sun 7am-3pm

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