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Free screening of the powerful public health documentary “Trusted Messenger” – plus open panel discussion, resources & more with Revive Radio. 

With demand for COVID boosters this summer disappointingly low, many health professionals are bracing for an infectious winter. REVIVE Radio’s Rhythm & Reasoning pushes back against vaccine hesitancy in Black and Brown communities, for the healthiest possible outcomes.

REVIVE partners with WHYY and Philadelphia’s Department of Health to present “Trusted Messenger” (2021, 55 mins), a highly acclaimed and compelling film that explores some very good reasons why people in communities of color are reluctant to trust the medical establishment. “Bottom line, we have to stop demonizing a very natural instinct to be skeptical,” said grassroots broadcaster P.O.C., REVIVE’s founder and host of the event.

The movie follows how a team of healthcare workers in Minnesota learn to reach out to community leaders from local churches, immigrant enclaves and even a popular barber shop. Though the subject is serious, the filmmaking is lively and engaging. It’s also extremely informative, not just towards misinformation but also full of wise insights for anyone seeking a respectful (and more effective) approach to vaccine hesitancy.

“We know everyone’s sick of being told what to do about this pandemic, “ P.O.C. said in a recent broadcast, “This movie is about doctors and nurses listening, for a change. And understanding that’s really the best way to open someone’s mind.” In this spirit, the screening concludes with a panel discussion featuring community leaders with professionals from Jefferson Health.

Guests will also enjoy complimentary concessions plus a variety of different resources and information in West Philly’s wonderful Community Education Center, the neighborhood’s creative heart since 1973. All Welcome to this FREE and family-friendly event (ages 13+). In participation with WHYY’s #BoostTruth public service campaign to amplify COVID facts through events, info sharing and community organizing.

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(this is a FREE screening, but guests are asked to please sign up to assist with record-keeping for this non-profit, educational event). 

About WHYY/Revive Media’s P.O.C.:
Tamara Russell aka Proof of Consciousness, or “P.O.C.” to her audience of 15,000+ unique listeners who follow her online and thru her broadcasts on WHYY 90.9FM and Uptown Radio 98.5FM. REVIVE reports on news, trends, politics, music and more with an emphasis on youth and Millennial viewpoints. A partner in WHYY’s innovative “News & Information Community Exhange” program, P.O.C. specializes in honest, opinionated storytelling that’s centered in African-American culture. Reviveisalive.com

About Boost Truth:
Boost Truth is a WHYY public service campaign aimed at combatting COVID-19 misinformation/disinformation by partnering with the grassroots content creators of N.I.C.E. From now through the end of the year, various free programs will be presented by different local media platforms to help provide communities with resources needed to keep them safe and well.


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