Say It Isn’t So!


Neighborhood fixture Epicure Café closes up shop (sniff).

Every morning since I moved here in 2010, we started our day with a cup of java from Epicure Cafe. That tradition comes to a screeching halt this summer, when Tom and Arlene Leschak close their corner coffee shop on July 23rd, to retire from over 40 years in the restaurant biz. It all went down so suddenly…

“We’ve been talking about it for awhile, but this July when I casually mentioned that I was looking to sell, by the next day I’d had three offers to buy the building,” Tom told us, “We took that as a sign it was time to go.”

Although the deal’s done, Tom’s keeping mum about what’ll be replacing Epicure, “We can’t say just yet who’s buying it, but two of the potential candidates are restaurants. Another isn’t. Even if that buyer gets it, we’re confident there will be a restaurant in this area.”

In other words, he’s pretty sure our morning coffee run to Conrad’ll be back on track soon.

Meanwhile, we’ve got Founded right up the road or Trolley Car by the river. For Tom and Arlene, they’re looking forward to visiting friends & family around the country. “We’ll set up a little ‘home base’ probably in Delaware, and then spend the year traveling,” he told us. Sounds like a great way to wrap up a long career in hospitality — being guests for a change!

Happy trails to this hardworking couple as they enjoy a well-earned retirement.

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