Say, You Want a Revolution?

Step aside for a new generation of Social Justice warriors

It does not matter who is selected as president figure head by the electoral college and the people's popular vote. What matters is that people vote to take the people's house (congress). The house /Congress is where we are the representative. Secondly we need to vote to take and control our taxes and how they are spent by controlling the purse in the Senate. The senate is where legislation from house of representatives/ Congress- the people house becomes law. We need to understand this process as our primary reason to vote. The Congress is in place for you and me to create legislation that speaks to our needs that will be passed up to the Senate and become law. When this is mastered we control the economic 👛. It does not matter who the president is he can sign it on not. The Senate can override his veto. Understanding this civic process can bring true transformation as to why and how to vote. A president is a symbol head but they really have no power, Republican or Democrat. They are two wings of the one bird. We the people are the inner workings of that political bird the consciousness, the blood, the water, the bones, the eyes, the mouth and the voice and direction of the bird. So Vote to keep the inner workings of that political bird healthy and performing at its best. Vote for 2/3 majority members in the House and Senate members so that your interest and the interest of the moral majority are achieved.

Posted by DrLorenzo Woodson on Sunday, June 21, 2020


No disrespect to my peers and elders when I say this: shut the hell up.

If you’re more upset about law breaking and window smashing than you are about fellow humans being killed and brutalized, I can’t help you. As far as I’m concerned, you’re part of the problem. No, actually – you ARE the problem. Because you’re making excuses for a sick system we all know is corrupt and abusive.

Denial is a powerful thing, and so is white supremacy in America. Thanks to your ignorant ass. Which you need to sit down, if you can’t stand with this young generation who has every right to create the world they want to live in. And fight as hard as they need to, to get it.

Our children aren’t rising to start a race war – they’ve come to finish one! For the first time in American history, young people are demanding their country be held accountable for the sins of our past. They refuse to go along politely with white supremacy. They are calling out their parents, teachers, neighbors as collaborators. Policing the police! And even punking the president of the United States.

Darnella Frazier who filmed George Floyd’s murder was only 17 years old. She was just walking down the street, saw the commotion, and immediately acted. Just a young girl, but she stood up to those four policemen because she knew her Rights and she also knew what was right. As a kid she was powerless to stop them but as a “Zoomer” she had tools to take them down.

Zoomers or Generation Z or whatever you call the ones after Millennials – they’re a growing force to be reckoned with. Born between 1996 & 2010, they’re now the largest generation of Americans – 72+ million people. They’re also the most diverse: 48% identify as non-white. Almost half! Other stats that make me proud:

88% support Black Lives Matter
77% have already attended a protest
62% said they’re willing to be arrested while demonstrating for equality

Across colors and genders, they’ve got each other’s backs against an Establishment they have been groomed to rail at. They’ve marched for the climate and for #metoo, they’ve staged walk-outs to protest school shootings. It was only a matter of time before they realized the killer was calling from inside the house…..

This new generation is exactly the opponent the white male patriarchy has feared since their reign of terror and exploitation began. These kids are angry about America’s sociopathic past and the lies they’ve been fed about our country. They feel no allegiance to a flag countless racists hide behind. They know they’re being sold a failed state, a trashed planet — and they won’t have it.

Already, we’re seeing change. Monuments are coming down, new laws are on the table for a lot of cities, including Philly. As a lifelong Germantown activist, I feel our work here buoyed by their youthful energy. I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so optimistic about the future.

For all of you throwing around negativity about the Black Lives Matter movement, I say to you we will not be bothered by your lack of faith and imagination. Your sympathy for our oppressors does not deter or even affect us. We will keep moving forward to the goal making the promise of our ancestors a reality!

Peace,  Doc Woodson

An Afterword, my friends: 

The property damage that boiled over from the first heated protests in the wake of George Floyd lasted only a few nights, but the demonstrations have continued — peacefully — for weeks! More are coming, including a huge March on Washington DC this August 28th.

Where’s the media coverage about all this peaceful protesting? Why is it only news when there’s violence? Does our government want us afraid and angry? What’s in it for them if we are?

Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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Dr. Lorenzo Woodson (Ph.D., RBT, CC, LBS) is a licensed behavior analyst specializing in clients on the autism spectrum. He lives in Germantown with his wife of 24 years, and lectures nationally for social causes. Lorenzo is a member of Men Who Care of Germantown. Connect with Lorenzo on Facebook or email him at


  1. I think that even after all if this, we still will have a problem. There are millions of veterans out there that have bravely served their country and have suffered as a result. No one marches for those veterans that have had to fight their own government to get the rights they fully deserve and have earned.many have died while in the process of dealing with the VA claims system before they could be granted benefits. Which then leaves spouses and families behind with nothing and sometimes in even worse financial straits. Are these brave men and women any less deserving of justice?

    • Agree that Veterans deserve better treatment too! It’s a separate issue, entirely, but it underscores the article’s point that we ALL deserve a society that provides basic rights like education, affordable housing, health care, etc. The better to organize as citizens and work towards fair compensation for our contributions. Thank you for your comments.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read the op-ed. I say to you about your concern particularly, if you been dealing with the issue for a long time with the VA system “What are you going or have been doing about it.” When I write it is not to cover every issue in society even though I attempt too lol. But all jokes aside is if you or anyone has a particular issue with unfair treatment related to governmental systems search ways to pull together with others who have faced the same or related concerns and do something radical to raise the issues. I use the column to raise awareness and provoke activism in everyone. Please let your voice be heard with others who feel the same way you do. If that does not work start a revolution. Again thank you for your support and keep reading there just might be a piece on veterans struggles within the VA system.

  3. There is value in the following things: Equality of opportunity, (not guarantee of outcome & reward but at least the chance to participate). Being listened to, (not having to be believed but just given the space to be heard). And even the freedon to be who you want to be and express yourself to be, (not that everyone has to accept the display, but at least give someone a chance to do it is good).

    The ‘freedon’ to participate, be heard, and express oneself is valuable. Nevertheless individuals will outpace each other, some slow, some ambitious, some smart, some stupid. Over all generation of all time. One must change culture from the inside! You can’t bang on the outside and say “you’re wrong” you join the world and be the best in it.

    In otherwords, stop torching cities and equating handouts with justice. Get a job, raise a family or if prefer participate in a community, do service of some type, and be the best damn shining exampe of you that you can be… and YOU WILL RISE. Asking others to accept fragility as strength is a snowflake expecting the established world to put up with tantrums.

    • What you say only make sense if the system isn’t rigged. But it is. “YOU WILL RISE” ?? Really? That’s your plan? Along with calling anyone who disagrees with you a “snowflake” I guess? You want to talk “snowflakes,” how about the slave OWNERS in the British Empire who got reparations when slavery was outlawed in the colonies — thanks to a huge loan that taxpayers funded until 2014. Or in Washington DC, where slave owners got $300 per “head” after the Emancipation Proclamation.

      There are lots of other examples, too. Germans paid reparations for WWII, for instance. South Africa, too. All over the world, many countries take on the work of righting their nation’s wrongs. I wonder what’s wrong with the US, where citizens like you want to accuse victims of “throwing tantrums” when all they want is justice? Shame on you, frankly.

    • Good day to you, I am pleased that you responded. I agree with your points bout freedom to express one’s views. What struck me however is your statement “Nevertheless individuals will outpace each other, some slow, some ambitious, some smart, some stupid.” This is ironic because you’re equating slow with stupid while others are ambitious and smart. I am curious where this worldview stems from and why you felt the need to use that phrasing of words.

      Interestingly you also stated, “One must change the culture from the inside!” what does that mean? I am curious to know how and if it is possible can an oppressive culture change within having been cultivated in the lies and myths about other cultures? You say subconsciously that “You can’t bang on the outside and say ‘you’re wrong’ you join the world and be the best in it.” This speaks with undertones of being on the outside looking in and how does one get there? If you are speaking of freedom why would anyone have to bang on the outside of freedom if it is free for all? The statement reeks of a mindset of structural and cultural exclusiveness where one has to prove themself to be competitive to be on the inside of privilege. That’s not freedom. It speaks to your concept of “Nevertheless individuals will outpace each other, some slow, some ambitious, some smart, some stupid.” This can not be what you mean I am sure.

      You say “In other words, stop torching cities and equating handouts with justice.” There is so much to unpack here that is racist and ignorant and looms with cognitive dissonance. As the late James Baldwin state, ”
      “The only thing white folk fear is what they have done to the black man and the destruction of their property.” When African Americans yesterday and today have proven time and time again that they can do amazing things and overcome enormous obstacles in a system stacked against them they still have to contend with the weak talk of receiving “handouts” as if this racist society was not built on free slave labor.

      African Americans have every right to burn this motherfucker down with folk who think as you do. I say this with rage and anger for it is sickening how some equate privilege with the freedom and liberty they did not earn with the blood and death of the slaves who built this nation and their resilient offspring who live today that still face this kind of exclusionary rhetoric. This white racist European ideology has continued to perpetuate within its culture a systematic and psychological cultural identity that distinguishes itself by its language and actions.

      The promised treaties and constitutional agreements are broken and left a people with a distrust of white folk and their rogue criminal governmental system. The same system that is now picking your pocket all in the name of white eugenics and fear they will sacrifice their race of lower-level whites who feel they are as you say “ambitious and smart” just so they can maintain the status quo economically.

      You again state something dubious “Get a job, raise a family or if prefer participate in a community, do service of some type, and be the best damn shining example of you that you can be… and YOU WILL RISE.” That is the exact prelude African Americans have done since the beginning of time even in slavery. How in the hell you think we are still here burning this motherfucker down? Because we are smart enough to know this shit ain’t working for them, but we persevered anyway. There comes a time when the sickness of white supremacy and lies has got to end.

      How can one believe in a system that does not honor its own rules? And not only sacrifices its own to hold on to privilege, but continues to push division that perpetuates cultural cognitive dissonance? Your last statement is ignorant at best “Asking others to accept fragility as strength is a snowflake expecting the established world to put up with tantrums.” Well I say to you you do not want to face what’s coming because you will not be prepared.

      After all, you seem to have drunk the proverbial Kool-aid speaking like that. You speak prematurely and casually about the trauma a people have faced and they are not asking for fragility that is not what white supremacist concept given the way they murder babies women children and even their own. So you are on the wrong train to disillusionment and when it gets to your destination it will be too late for you to wake up.

      It was a pleasure reading your weak piece but it was worth the effort for you to learn something new about the other side of reality. Keep reading The Local we love your participation.

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