Slip Sliding Away (VIDEO)

The season’s first snowfall brought traffic snarls and some pretty scenery.   

Philly traffic was a mess when a record-breaking winter storm caught the East Coast by surprise November 15th. Streets had reportedly been brined, not salted – leading to hazardous driving conditions (and a stranded camel!) throughout the area, including locally in East Falls.

Around 1:30 pm, cars spun tires up (and many were abandoned) on School House Lane from Ridge to Gypsy, where additional vehicles were stuck on the hill from Lincoln Drive. Midvale Avenue was dotted with disabled vehicles, and flashing with emergency lights. The snow fell wet and heavy until rush hour, when it turned to freezing rain thru the evening.

Trivia went on as usual at Wissahickon Brewing Company, where Sean Maguire lured us in with easy questions only to stump us painfully in the end. Owner/head brewer Tim Gill stopped by our table to drop some hints about exciting new events he’s setting up at WBC, then set off with his son Luke to a beer event downtown (of course).

Temps rose overnight so by morning much of the white stuff had melted away, with the roads dry & clear by afternoon the next day. Well played, winter. Next time, we’ll be ready for you.

Falls of Schuylkill Library


Barbara B  I had no problem with my 4 wheel drive.
Chantel B  I was fine with my all wheel drive sedan, but the traffic is horrendous.
Tom D.  Need those tire chains.
Trinette G.  Got my little one from school early. My Civic made it. Glad to be home tho!
Mon M.  When will cars learn… Stay off Midvale!
Dory C.  I remember borrowing somebody’s football cleats to get formula for my sister’s baby. She lived on a hill and me being a teenager I had o deliver. So off we went, sled and cleats.
Caity M.  If I don’t make it home from work, who is gonna sling dranks at Billy Murphy’s Irish Saloon tonight?
Danielle C.  Took me 25 mins to get from Calumet to Midvale.
Carolyn S.  Had to abandon ship halfway up Midvale… oy!
Mary D.  Thank you to Clay (who I work with) and a kind stranger who pushed me up the incline on Ridge Ave around 3:30 today.

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Gypsy Lane
Skidoo and the railroad tracks to East Falls train station

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