SOWN Summer Scrapbook

Members of the Supportive Older Women’s Network (SOWN) share some of their favorite summer pics

Happy Summer! To paraphrase a classic American movie, life moves fast; if you don’t stop and look around sometimes you could miss it.

In that spirit, this month’s column celebrates the special moments from summers past, with photos and captions that we hope will inspire your own fond memories of favorite trips, and of faces you maybe haven’t thought about in awhile. Please feel free to share your stories below or reach out to SOWN for great local resources for older adults (more info at the bottom of this post).

Patty Davis, Senior Social Worker

Patty and her family love being by the water. They spend as much time as they can during summer down the shore, and Patty has great memories of their trip to Hawaii! (Picture: Maui, 1996)

Lori Latimer, Director of Programs
Ecuador, 2018: I was so lucky to go on this summer trip. My friend, Joy, was invited to her co-worker’s wedding in Ecuador. Joy’s co-worker, the bride, was kind and wonderful, telling Joy to bring a friend to the wedding so that she didn’t have to travel so far by herself. The bride grew up in Ecuador and was eager to share her country with all of her guests from the US. I felt humbled to be a part of the experience. It was also exciting for me and Joy to go on such a big adventure together. We’ve traveled a ton locally going to judo/jiu jitsu tournaments over the years, but nothing so cool as going to another continent! I don’t think we’ll ever forget it.

Carly Handley, GrandFamily Educator
Leicester, England 2017 (below): “This is such a great memory for me because I got to visit my hometown with my partner and my son for the first time.  My parents met us there as well and we walked all the streets where we grew up.  I must have been feeling nostalgic here!”
Florida 2000: “My parents and sisters came to visit me in Florida and we vacationed in Seaside.  This trip was a blast because I love hanging out with my family, but as an added bonus, my 9-month-old son began to walk on this trip! 😊”

John Rosenberg, Administrative Coordinator/Grant Writer
“Since I am now taking my son to Disneyland, it was fun to show him this picture of me at Disneyland around the same age.”

Mayu Stehly, Operations & Communications Coordinator
“My summer memory is of going to the shore every summer with my husband and our son, and recently going with friends of 30+ years and our children.”

Have a great summer, everyone! Click on the video below for a playlist of vintage hot-weather hits guaranteed to get you grooving.

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This column was written by Lori Latimer, SOWN’s Director of Programs. Read last month’s column here.  

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  1. Thanks, everyone, for good pictures and memories. Fun to see and imagine.

    Listening to the Beach Boys 50 yrs. after their peak years, I appreciate the intricacy of their work. I didn’t when I was an empty-headed, “Hey, it’s summer” young adult. Jill

  2. Thanks so much to SOWN for this loving summer flashback. Also, agree about the Beach Boys — dare I say God Only Knows they’re more than just a surf band lol.

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