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Free live music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s this Saturday night at the Old Academy’s Carfax Building. From 5pm to 8pm, Rawk U features students of all ages, showing off a school year’s worth of classes and rehearsals. 

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Dear kids of Rawk U:

Grown-ups from all over the community will be coming out this Saturday to hear you play. Please — for the love of God, please! Don’t mangle the music of our youth….

Not to worry, owner & instructor Daniel Cullen assures us:  these are not all kid students, and this is not your high school’s band camp.

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In fact, it’s not a camp at all but a School of Music specializing in rock guitar, and also offering drums, voice lessons, and rock band classes (where piano/keyboard players are welcome). Daniel’s been teaching more than a decade, and he knows a thing or two about putting together a band, too.

Here are some of his students performing at Milkboy recently:

FLASHBACK — remember Java Ink on Midvale? Here’s Rawk U students performing a mean rendition of U2’s “I Will Follow” in 2011:

This Saturday, the fun starts at five for live music fans and parents of wanna-be rock stars with time to focus this Summer — even impatient learners who want to start playing yesterday. Dan likes to jump right into making music, no basics needed — he’ll circle back around, eventually. His “roundabout” way of teaching gives beginners a tangible success to build from.

Rawk U’s been inspiring new musicians since 2008, first from South Philly and then in 2012 Dan moved his operation to a larger studio in Sherman Mills, where he teaches a wide variety of students from school-age to seniors. He appreciates how music nurtures self-worth and teaches discipline — it’s provided him a livelihood, after all.

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But music can also transform. Some of his students from underprivileged areas literally change their lives, moving onto competitive Arts programs, securing dream jobs, and blooming for applauding audiences at live venues around the area.

You can’t download a live music experience, people! Come out to the Old Academy’s Carfax Building (located next door to OA) for a free local rock concert, and show your support for cool artistic stuff in East Falls. For more information, contact Rawk U online or call them: 215-844-7295.

PS. Get a taste of Dan’s teaching style on his youtube channel — or just rock out to some Daytripper here:


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