Last Minute Special: Just Ten Bucks a Table! (Also, Flea Market this weekend)

Procrastinators and commitment-phobes rejoice:  Last minute space for cheap at Falls Village Flea Market this Saturday June 4th, 9 am to 2 pm. Bargain Hunters — great deals in a beautiful garden setting. 

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WHAT:  Neighborhood flea market with a little of everything: crafts, books, toys, clothing, antiques, collectibles, etc.
WHEN: This Saturday June 4th from 9 am to 2 pm
WHERE: The lawn in front of Falls Village apartments on Schoolhouse Lane
WHY:  All Falls Village proceeds benefit Red Nose Day, helping those fighting poverty & hunger
WHY NOT? Only $10 for 4 x 6 space, available up to the day of (‘We’ll make room!“).
BYOT: Bring Your Own Table (or Tarp)

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Help a good cause, make a little scratch cash for your Summer Vacation fund, and get out in the fresh air with your neighbors — in a beautiful, historic setting not many Fallsers know about. Heck, Falls Village‘s own management team didn’t know the complex was built on the former estate of a horticulture enthusiast and city planner. Throughout the 1920’s, he landscaped these 10-acres into a rolling woodland of his own creation. 

Wharton grad & world traveler, Roy A. Heymann spared no expense importing Asian maples and ginko, Mediterranean quince, and other exotic trees, and intermingling them with ornamental native species like sweet gum and tulip poplar. At one time, there were over 100 unusual shrubs and trees here! When we informed Falls Village of their rich botanical providence, they happily granted us full access to explore their grounds with our camera.

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Unfortunately, the landscape architect we brought with us to help identify cool species was “more of a flower & plant person” so we’ll be going back with her friend, the tree guy. Meanwhile, even our untrained eyes spied a lot of really old, twisted Japanese maples, and some massive trees near the entrance — one of which we’re hoping is the ancient beech that made it through the complex’s construction in 1963, still standing in 1996, when the Inquirer reported on the history here:

“Most notable is a beech tree at the estate’s entrance estimated to be 270 years old, a tree that would have been casting a long shadow when Colonial leaders met in Philadelphia to draft the Declaration of Independence.” 

eastfallslocal beechez collage g

Anyone know what a beech tree looks like?

Falls Village apartments have since been totally revamped — instead of the old swimming pool, the grounds feature a dog park, bocce ball/horseshoes, grilling area, and a sunny, well-equipped fitness center. (And a few historical remnants of its former estate, if you look around…)

EastFallsLocal exterior falls village apts collage

EastFallsLocal collage interior falls village

Of course, with all this greenery, every unit has a balcony. The 1, 2 & 3 bedroom rentals are cute, too: snug and uncomplicated. Something about 60’s/70’s architecture seems so solid and logical, to me, compared to the lighter, fancier materials used in more modern construction. Of course, if you’re a fan of crown molding and leaded glass, the simplicity here may fail to inspire.

(But who’s really looking at window trim, when there’s a garden beyond?)

Another thing you may or may not love about Falls Village: the gated entrance. If you hate to be bothered waving at a guard every time you come home, you know who you are. The rest of us, though, tend to appreciate a friendly face who watches your car, redirects wayward mail, screens unwanted visitors, and liaisons with you and the office (we live in Gypsy Lane Condos, and are kinda spoiled by helpful guards on call 24/7).

EastFallsLocal collage EF village 1300 per month

Not all that long ago, the 180-unit complex here now known as Falls Village skewed towards seniors and empty-nesters, often locals who had downsized from larger homes or more urban settings. Today, a much younger demographic (many international students) appreciates this oasis of green off busy Schoolhouse in front, and bordering the wild Wissahickon behind.

COME RUMMAGE THRU THEIR STUFF!  Or, add your own to the fun — last-minute tables still available, just $10 (BYOT).  The weather’s supposed to be lovely this weekend, come buy and sell stuff with neighbors by a beautiful, historic garden. And help change the lives of millions of people, at home and across the world.

Best part of this deal?  No matter what you lug down, there’s no need to schlep it back home: items left behind will be gratefully donated to local charities.

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Questions? Ready to sign up for your own table at Falls Village Flea?  Email Maritza or just show up around 8:30 am Saturday June 4th with your wares and a ten-dollar donation. Don’t forget a table (or tarp, blanket, etc.) and a wad of small bills you’re ready to bargain with!

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PS. Not that anyone would request an apartment viewing just for free snacks but get a load of the fridge in their model unit.



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  1. Thanks for letting us know more about this property. Fascinating. Will look for the future tree update.

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