The Vibe is Right

Positive forces are at work for 2022 — universally and locally. 

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself full of hope this new year, despite everything that 2020 and 2021 has taught us. Numerologists are agog over 2022’s potential superpower to heal, rebuild and reinvent a more balanced and just reality.

According to experts in the mystical properties of numbers, when you see the same digits in a repetitive series, that indicates certain vibrations and even messages from the Universe – it’s called an “angel number.” This year’s triple 2’s with a 0 in the middle brings a very special energy, indeed.

The number 2 represents cooperation and relationships; multiplying by three amplifies kindness, empathy, productivity, and new opportunities. The number 0 is all about wholeness and inclusion. Thus, 2022’s charmed sequence sets the stage for manifesting miracles in our communities. We can’t think of a better person to kick off the year’s first edition than Ant Brown, a local rapper with a team of homegrown talent and a traveling showcase that uplifts at-risk youth with a host of righteous resources.

Since his early success in Philly’s music scene, Ant’s been visiting city schools to share his story, and in the process he’s developed his own unique approach to reaching kids where they are, and showing them all they can be. One of the best things about the ABRO Experience, is how hard it is to explain – each one is its own blend of information, inspiration, and entertainment. Ant pulls from a large crew of performers, influencers, business owners, motivational speakers, etc. to create a one-of-a-kind event.

Appearances can be full-out assemblies or just something in a classroom, it all depends on the school’s needs and what will work best with the students. “Bullying, gun violence, trauma… we don’t sugar-coat, we keep it real, but it’s always a positive message we’re sending.” In addition to a roster of hand-picked guests, Ant also brings a DJ, cameraman, and someone to do all the photos and tagging.

Social media plays a big part in the ABRO Experience, especially for older teens who can really get wrapped up in how they look to other students online.

“A lot of these shootings come from beefs they have with each other,” Ant explained, “One way to try to stop that is if someone like me who has a big following finds them and tags them, then that’s a bump they can’t get in the streets.” Ant and his fellow rappers and influencers have seen first-hand how kids can transform with even just a little attention from people they look up to.

Backstage at Made in America this year, Ant used his All Access pass to meet all the celebrities and make connections that have opened new doors for him in 2021. As he rises to bigger and better challenges, he’s mindful of the patience and perseverance it took to get him where he is.

“People congratulate me because it looks like everything’s happening overnight,” he told us, ‘But I’ve been at this six years!” Consistency is as key a factor in his success and impact as is his talent. “I won’t say it’s magic, but I think if you commit fully to a purpose, you will attract the opportunities you need to realize your intentions,” he said. Train your mind to think bigger, that is, and you will actually become a bigger person.

On that note – Ant Brown has some words for us, as we head into 2022:

Stay focused and don’t panic.

I say stay focused, because there’s a lot going on in the world right now, but we can’t let it distract us from hoping for the future, and planning for it.

And I say, don’t panic, because a lot of people are – and I get it, people are hurting with COVID and gun violence is at an all-time high. Some people see Philly for the great city that it actually is, and others only see the murder rate, which kicks in a sense of fight or flight. I think what’s healthier for your well-being is to not react, but to understand and to truly believe that you’re going to get through each and every day. 

We getting through it. A lot of people didn’t think we was gonna make it here. And we made it here. You feel me? Every day you wake up, you have another chance at life. I know it’s cliché to say, but that’s how I look at it. I don’t dwell on what happened yesterday or last year. Politics, I don’t dwell on that either. I’m just thankful I get to wake up and breathe. Have my family. And still work towards my purpose and my passion.

ABOUT ANT His answers to our three personal questions (full interview here):

  1. What is something that people don’t know about you?

Oh, this is good question. I like to go to sleep to Beethoven and Mozart, you know, classical music. It’s supposed to improve cognitive thinking. I’ve been doing it for three, four years now.

And I’m always trying to tap into new ways to grow my craft. I hear all kinds of things in classical music, I like the precision of all the instruments, the transitions — that’s something I like to compare to how I rap in and out of pockets on beats. I’m always trying to train my mind, and also I like how relaxed it makes me feel.  Also sometimes the music carries over into my dreams, and I tap into some really cool creative stuff.

One of my favorite books is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, because it’s so simple, how to reach your goals. You don’t start big, you start small, with who you are and what you want to do. You decide your purpose, and then you work out from there to create the energy you want to see. People know my name because I’m consistent in my message and how I deliver it to the kids. When I show up, I give 100%.

  1. What’s a typical day in your life?

Wake up. 6am, Pray. Check my emails. Respond back to everything I need to respond to and work on anything I put on the day’s agenda the night before. That’s usually one of the last things I do every night, write down who I need to call, what I need to do, everything. And I work on that until about 3pm. Then I pick my kids up from school (ages 3 & 6), then it’s family time and I plan my next day.

If I have an event, though, then my day is logistics, logistics, logistics!

  1. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I grew up boxing but I stopped at 17 when my trainer took a big job and had to stop training me. He was like a father figure to me, and I just didn’t want to box anymore without him. But if that didn’t happen, I probably would have been a pro boxer by now.



Every school appearance is it’s own unique experience, curated from a wide pool of local talent, many who’ve been part of the process for years. Here’s just a smattering of crowd favorites who always bring their A-game:

@bikeliferex  A rapper and professional cyclist — great videos with 311k followers & an inspiring gofundme
@CeoBigDuke  An entrepreneur and community activist (15.2k followers)
@phillysmotivation   A  Motivational speaker (8,799 followers)
@fisbanga   A community based activist on youtube with 399k followers
@energykingzo  Energy king evolving with the tribe & recording artist (3,085 followers) also listed in description this handle: @glblvllg (10.1k followers)
@revive_poc Broadcasting and media (4,407 followers — a N.I.C.E. partner and contributor to the Local paper!)

And check out ANT BROWN on The Local paper’s January 2022 cover, featuring original artwork by @exhibitaartdesign:

Inspired by life and love
Aspiring to health and wHEALTH
Growing in light,
Grounded in Truth,
And nourished in creative energy.
This cover is dedicated to Ant Brown and his belief in our youth and in ourselves to make a difference.

Alisha Laws/Exhibit A Art Design
Live Artist – Creative – Photographer – LCSW
Let’s learn & create together.

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