Trainer Tips: When Should I Work Out?

Finding your best training time

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As a personal trainer I get asked a lot of questions. Sometimes I get to provide clarity on some seemingly contradictory statements, topics or ideas. And sometimes I just say “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure about that” and will follow that up with “I will find that out for you,” because like them, I too like to gain more knowledge. One of the questions that I’m sometimes asked is “what is the BEST time to work out?” It’s a short answer for me but it does take a little explaining.

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The question mentioned above usually comes from a person who’s contemplating a scheduling change or they may have heard or read that a specific time is the BEST time to work out. So back to my answer; the BEST time to work out is whenever YOU can.

Photo courtesy of Soli Fitness

According to the body’s Circadian Rhythm, 5PM is when your body has the greatest cardiovascular efficiency and muscle strength, so that’s great, but at 5PM you are routinely in traffic having left work, and headed towards picking up the kids from basketball practice. So for you, 5PM is not the best time to work out.

This is just one example that shows the correlation between YOUR BEST time to work out and your current situation. So if 5AM, 9AM, 2PM, etc. is the only time that you have that you can work out, lace up those shoes, warm up that body and enjoy your best time to work out!

Trainer Tips is a regular column by Derrick Johnson, Owner of Soli Fitness.

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