Viva East Falls (in Mexico!)

Two neighbors on Midvale, two different Mexican towns. Lots of cool opportunities for the rest of us! 

Shorter days, wintery weather… Tis the season to daydream about somewhere tropical. Somewhere warm and colorful. With mountains and beaches and ruins and art. Mexico’s charms have lured two Fallsers away from us, but both provide a chance to participate in their adventures. This Thursday at East Falls Forward’s monthly meeting! — RESCHEDULED TO THURS 11/29 (due to a sudden snow storm).

Trish Metzner fell in love with the raw beauty of Zacatlan de Las Manzanain Puebla, Mexico when she was commissioned for an ambitious project: a 900 foot mural of glittering mosaic tile. Her internationally-acclaimed installation spurred a regional arts movement and tourist industry.

Though Trish has a home in East Falls, she tends to think of herself as a dual citizen  — and lately she’s had a good time introducing neighbors here to the foods, art, and culture of her adopted Mexican home. Last spring, her sold-out “Taste of Mexico” dinner at Trolley Car Cafe was just the beginning. Trish has some fun classes and events up her sleeve (including maybe even a tour).

For many years, Roberta Ginsburg has had her eye on Merida, an artsy hotspot on the Yucatán Peninsula — close to beaches, Mayan ruins, and spectacular freshwater pools carved into limestone (called “cenotes“). Roberta discovered Merida in the mid-2000’s, she picked the location randomly when using up a week of timeshare. While on vacation, she met a group of awesome women who welcomed her into their crowd. Wasn’t long before Merida started looking like a nice place to retire…

This November, Roberta took the plunge! She put her house up for sale and got two offers in three weeks. Her home is now under contract, set for a closing on December 31st. Yikes that’s fast but not for Roberta, who’s more than ready for a change. She’s lived in East Falls since 1979, and has been active in the community pretty much from the get-go. She was the founding president of the East Falls Development Corporation, and most recently a member of Town Watch and president of the Rotary Club.

She’s also been an art and antiques collector, and her home is full of interesting pieces she’s picked up in her global travels, as well as heirlooms from her own family and even some items that belonged to the woman who sold her the house 40 years ago. Roberta can’t possibly move all her treasures with her to Mexico — not even if her new place had the room. Roberta is ready to downsize her possessions, and we’re in a unique position to score some great pieces and possibly win points with art and antiques fans this holiday season.

December 1st & 8th (Saturdays): Roberta’s “Moving to Mexico” sale. A variety of paintings and signed original lithographs, including some local themes and artists, framed & in pristine condition. Modern and Deco antiques, with some older pieces (furniture has been lived in but is clean and in excellent shape). Other stuff too. Priced to go, come see! Roberta’s in a charming historic rowhome near St. Bridget’s — she’s planning either an open house or perhaps will set up a “shop” in her garage. Stay tuned for details…

EAST FALLS FORWARD — Thursday November 29th (rescheduled from 3rd Thursday due to weather)
Community Happy Hour & General Meeting: Trish catches us up on her summer in Zacatlan, and provides info about new local classes, events, and more she has planned to intrigue & inform us. Roberta shares a short slideshow about Merida, and answers questions about retiring in Mexico.

6:30pm — Snacks, drinks, and socializing with neighbors
7:00pm — Presentations begin

See you there!  
3721 Midvale Ave. (BuLogics building) map

ABOUT EFF: East Falls Forward is a Registered Community Organization with a pro-urban mission: a dedication to making East Falls a walkable, sustainable neighborhood with great places to live, eat, shop, and do business. This free, inclusive, public forum for EF residents & business owners meets at BuLogics every 3rd Thursday at 6:30pm. Follow on Facebook for the latest news & announcements. 

Speaking of Roberta… her relocation will cut short her stint as president of North Philadelphia’s Rotary Club, and she’s bummed she won’t have a full year to share this wonderful organization with her neighbors in the Falls. Open to all, the Rotary Club promotes culture, wellness and community. Every month at Trolley Car Cafe, the Rotary Club hosts a dinner featuring a presentation by a local artist, writer, educator, etc. Dinners are all-inclusive (usually like $25, with wine) and open to the public. Call Roberta — she’s got all the scoop and can put you on “the list” for updates. (267) 974-0561.

NEXT ROTARY CLUB DINNER: Tuesday December 18th, with photographer Dave Lakatos on his book, “The Cultural Fabric of Philadelphia.”

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