Won’t Your Beer Mine?


Don’t be stupid, Cupid! These beers beat wine for your Valentine.

Happy February, fellow Fallsers! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and are ready to throw aside those frivolous “No More Beer” resolutions, I mean let’s get REAL people BEER IS DELICIOUS & LIFE IS TOO SHORT to give up something so GREAT. Now that we have gotten past the major league holidays filled with both hope and despair, we can move on to the real gems, like Valentines Day!

Ah, Valentines Day…..a day where single people become even more depressed and couples become more stressed focusing on what card, bouquet, chocolates, or dinner reservations properly says how much they care. Do not fret dear readers, for I have fine craft brew selections that help celebrate, get through, or even help to forget about this Hallmark Holiday for both the couples and singles alike! So, without further ado, here are some Valentine’s day inspired beer choices that come straight from the heart.Bomb!
Prairie Artisan Ales
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Aromas of cocoa, coffee, & campfire/barbeque
Big mocha flavors, followed by hints of espresso and spicy ancho chili
Smooth, balanced, full-bodied, deep brown, Imperial Stout that finishes dry with balancing spice
ABV 13%
IBU 65

This awesome ale’s flavors go together as sweetly as Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson’s harmonies on Ebony and Ivory, or if you prefer as awesome as fiery MC Skat Kat & sweet Paula Abdul in her amazing Opposites Attract video. Together these big, sweet chocolate and spicy chili notes come together in perfect harmony creating a beautiful beer to enjoy this extra-special Hallmark Holiday!

Try this boozy delight with some barbeque or a nice spicy meal, I highly recommend a Mexican mole-inspired meal. (You can even use it as part of the base for your mole sauce!) It also pairs great with those chocolate truffles you overspent on, but be careful with its high ABV & awesome drinkability this beer can sneak up on you faster than that awkward classmate with some stale candy and a valentine. (You know the one who never showered and got excited when it was time to watch an instructional filmstrip)

Duchesse de Bourgogne
Brewery Verhaeghe Vichte
West Flanders, Belgium

Aromas of dark cherries, sweet malts and oak
Big oak, cherry, and plum flavors followed by an acidic tart dry finish
Reddish-brown, Flanders red ale with a balanced sweet & tart light/medium body
ABV 6.2%
IBU 11

This like beer, like so many relationships, starts off with a bold sweetness but ends on a sour note…..but don’t let that deter you from the heaven that is this Belgian gem. The brewers at Verhaeghe Vichte figured out a long time ago, all the way back in 1885, that in beer, just as in life & relationships, a delicate balance is required to achieve your success. This ale pairs complements any food topped with a balsamic dressing or glaze. This is amazing when paired with a savory charcuterie board with rich, fatty meats or a delectable cheese-board filled with funkier, rich cheeses, it’s acidic features perfectly cut through and balance out the rich/fatty flavors . TRY IT WITH A BLUE CHEESE VARIETAL OR A CHEESECAKE DESSERT AND ENTER FLAVORTOWN….SERIOUSLY DO IT!

The Muse
Angry Orchard
Walden, New York

Aromas of apple and oak
Notes of vanilla, apple, and cloves with bright acidity
Effervescent golden yellow, hard apple cider, with a bright acidity and light body that finishes off dry
ABV 7.7%

This hard apple cider is aged in French Oak and made from Italian and French variety apples, giving it an amazing flavor similar to that of a fine French champagne. The Muse is great for those lovebirds that are trying to keep it gluten-free in the new year. Try this cider with a nice cheeseboard with a sharp cheddar, gouda, or brie & some sliced apples and crackers.

Loral & Dr. Rudi’s Inevitable Adventure
Stone Brewing
Escondido, California

Intense aromas of pine & citrus
Herbal notes with hints of resin, white sage, peach, and berries
Light golden-hued American west coast, Double IPA with a medium body and mild biting hop flavor
ABV 8.9%
IBU 84

This limited release came out on January 29th, just in time to celebrate Valentines Day. So, if you’re in a relationship celebrate your beautiful coupling with the perfect union of two great strains of hops, Dr. Rudy hops (formerly known as Super Alpha) & Loral hops, and if you’re single that just means there’s more of this delicious beer just for you!

This combination of classic & new hop strains, Dr. Rudy has been around since 1976 & Loral hops were released in 2016, work well together. Loral’s juicy citrus flavors balance out Dr. Rudy’s herbal and piney notes leading to a delicious IPA. Try this beer with some spicy Thai, a delicious Apollo’s Gyro, or a bowl of gazpacho or tomato basil soup.

I Choo Choo Choose You
Evil Genius
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Aromas of fruit, malt, & hibiscus
Notes of strawberry, peach, & lemon zest
Multi-grain, bright purple, candy heart & hibiscus New England-style IPA with a medium body
ABV 6.5%

This beer combines two of my favorite things, The Simpsons and Philly, so it’s like the BEST VALENTINE EVER! Even better, you can join me and many other Simpsons aficionados & beer geeks for this brew’s official can release at Evil Genius on Thursday, Febuary 8th, 2018!

The fact that this beer is brewed with 100 POUNDS OF CANDY HEARTS, is intriguing all by itself, but the fact that it is also a tribute to Simpsons character & loveable loser Ralph Wiggum, means you just need to CHOO CHOO CHOOSE to taste it! The beer is BRIGHT PURPLE like a Flaming Moe people so just enjoy it as a conversation starter and pair it with a fun night out.

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