Green Light for LeBus


It’s coming! It’s coming! LeBus East Falls has announced they’ll be open for business Wednesday February 7th. 

After some delays in 2017, David Braverman’s new restaurant at Ridge & Midvale is just about ready to go. This last week of prep, LeBus East Falls “practices” on local business & community leaders, including our favorite global tech entrepreneur, pictured here.

David (a Timber Lane resident) recently posted to Nextdoor‘s online forum for East Falls, “We have been working since last spring to create a warm, inviting space for the East Falls community, with fresh, delicious, imaginative, accessible, affordable food, desserts and drinks, just as we always have.”

Our corner LeBus features American cuisine and LeBus’s signature breads & pastries. Lunch, Brunch, and Dinner menus are posted on their website (and you can share from their Facebook page, too). Craft beer, wine, and cocktails, too.

LeBus sits at a prominent spot in East Falls’ business corridor, and neighbors have been eager to see the space filled since Johnny Mananas shuttered in fall of 2016. And many have been wondering what could replace that iconic giant chili pepper

Well. Trish Metzner‘s lively wheat mosaic adds personality plus. It’s colorful, it’s tactile, it’s inviting… and you can’t get more local: Trish lives right across the street! She made all the little tiles right there in her studio, and invited friends & neighbors to lend a hand. What a lovely upgrade.

Inside the restaurant, Trish helped pull together a color scheme with David’s girlfriend Isa (an artist), who incorporated lots of local original art and photography into the warm, cozy design. Illustrator Michelle Dowd, of Indian Queen Lane, created a lot of cool signage around the restaurant.

So far, we’ve heard nothing but raves from LeBus’ test subjects:

Felicite: The salads were the best I’ve ever eaten!

Carolyn Sutton: Heaven! The place is gorgeous; the food yummy… Can’t wait to go back when the doors officially open. I’m going one, by one, by one through the menu.

The countdown is ON –see you at LeBus soon!

LeBus East Falls
Family-friendly restaurant serving simple, American homestyle food.
4201 Ridge Avenue
Open M-F 11am – 10pm; Sat-Sun 8am – 10pm
Bar hours M-F 11am -2am; Sat-Sun 8am – 2am


Michael Gav  I didn’t know how I felt about the stone work but that extra touch is nice. Looking good.

Rose Nagle  It looks beautiful! I can’t wait either.

Felicite Moorman  Phenomenal work!

Billy Ross’ son helps with mosaic

William H Ross III (with his son) Adding to the mosaic. Le Bus getting ready to open. Can’t wait!

Brian Kistler  Looking forward to it finally opening!!!!!!

Trinette Giberson  Very cozy.


Anna DiFillippo So excited! Best of luck!

Tracey Home  Looking forward a terrific new place to go! Best wishes!!

Jason Howie  So. Excited.

Kay Marie Boblenz  I am so excited to see gluten-free options!!!!!

Deborah Thorp  Very much looking forward to the opening of LeBus East Falls.

Katrina Denk  Thank you David for bringing your talent to East Falls. Looking forward to the food, art, and atmosphere.

Heather Sparks  Thanks for incorporating GF options into your menu!

Marie Hudgeons  Can’t wait to go there I am sure we are going to love it…


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