Anger into Action: A Community Fridge Story

Germantown volunteers bounce back after vandalism, with renewed spirit to feed hungry neighbors.   

A community fridge in Germantown was vandalized on the night of December 13, leaving glass shards and a broken pantry door. The fridge, which provides free food and supplies to anyone in need, is a project of local volunteers who want to fight hunger and food waste.

The community response, detailed in the following Facebook posts, reminds us why these fridges are such a symbol of solidarity and compassion, especially in times of adversity.


We have an unfortunate update about the High Street fridge. Last night it was vandalized and the glass from one of the pantry doors was shattered. It is pretty difficult to understand why someone would do something like this, and it’s upsetting and disturbing to see hard work of the community disrespected in such a callous way.

The fridge team is working on cleaning up the mess and replacing the glass, but in the meantime, please be careful if you are using the fridge.

If this senseless act makes you angry, use it. Turn your anger into action.

In times like these, many of us try to be guided by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.

So let’s show these vandals what we are made of. Let’s keep the fridges stocked fuller and more regularly than ever before. Let’s give even more freely and generously than we ever have before.

Show them that their destructive impulses cannot stop us from loving our neighbors, and the more they try to stop us, the harder we will work to make sure everyone in the community is fed and taken care of. We will turn away from aggression and violence and replace it with abundance and love.


We’re back baby!

Thank you to everyone that offered support, shopped our Wishlists and sent us funds for repairs! All the remaining glass has been removed from the pantry door and was replaced with plexiglass. Big shout out to Mara and Tera for doing all the handy work 💖

When there’s a set back at the fridges y’all really come together to show us how loved our fridges and neighbors are. Food is a human right & no one should be having to skip meals because they can’t afford it!

We’re using the remaining funds for extra grocery shops this coming week to support our neighbors before the holidays hit ❄️💚

For the fridge’s many followers, this happy ending was the heartwarming story we were all looking for this season. And a reminder that life is unpredictable, so it’s important to look out for each other when we can.


Food insecurity in Philadelphia is at an all-time high: community fridges help fill the gaps in city services and provide an accessible, anonymous food resource for hungry neighbors 24/7.  The fridges rely on food, volunteers, and monetary donations from community members and those caring about us from afar.

Make a one-time or recurring monetary donation via their page on Open Collective; bring food and other items directly to the fridges; or purchase something from our Amazon wishlist and Target  registry, and they’ll deliver it to the fridges and pantries on your behalf.

For more info about food, monetary, or wishlist donations, you’ll find a wealth of information in their website’s excellent FAQ page — if you’re wondering whether the fridge accepts something, or how the operation runs, or where all their donations go, or whatever, chances are someone else has asked the same question, and you will likely find your answer here.

While community fridges are a great way to stretch your food budget, there may be state/city funds for groceries, or low-cost meal plans, or other assistance available. Both Philabundance and Share Food Program have “Find Food” tabs on their websites to help you track down local food banks, pantries, and giveaways. For personal assistance, Uplift Local has resource counselors available to help connect you with what you need. Call 215-360-3180 anytime and leave a message.

Big thanks to the volunteers of Germantown Community Fridge — and three cheers for mutual aid and neighborly love!

Germantown Community Fridges:
20 W. Armat Street (19144) map
19 E. High Street (19144) map

For a current map of Community Fridge locations throughout the city offering free food to anyone, no questions asked, CLICK HERE.

🙏 Photos in this post via Germantown Community Fridge Facebook page 🙏

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