Bark thru the Boneyard

Join NW Philly Pack Walk for a special Saturday stroll in the suburbs — and a blanket drive!

Got a dog? Like to walk? Come out with your neighbors for a leashed group dog walk through almost 200 acres of exquisitely-planted landscape lit with autumn color. West Laurel Hill Cemetery is mere minutes away from its historic East Falls counterpart, but it’s a whole different vibe. Open, spacious and gloriously green.

WLH is a Level 2 arboretum, where rare and native trees mix along criss-crossed paths, dotted with sculpture from Victorian, Art Deco and Modern times. There’s a wildflower meadow humming with honeybees, and copper-topped mausoleums that tower like mini cathedrals. From one parking area, steep stairways of Wissahickon schist lead up to a bank of crypts with gothic arches and dramatic views.

You can see clear down to the Cynwyd Heritage Trail – a paved, multi-use rail-trail that you can access right from the cemetery. They even have a little picnic area by the gate here near Belmont Avenue (in Lower Merion). We’ll be sure to explore it all, and hopefully spot some deer, fox and groundhogs along the way. It’s hard to imagine a more interesting way to stretch your legs and socialize out in nature.

The best part is: a Pack Walk provides the perfect opportunity for dog owners (and dogs) to practice leash skills in a controlled and supportive environment. A common fallacy is that Pack Walks are just for well-behaved dogs — hardly! As pack animals, dogs are programmed to take behavior cues from each other. Often, owners are shocked to see how easily their anxious/reactive/overstimulated dog falls into step with the Pack.

Your dog will love this opportunity to check out a wonderland of new sniffs, right across the river. After we wrap up, follow us to the East Falls Farmers Market if you’d like — another dog-friendly adventure that could end in delicious treats for humans and canines, both.

9:30 am – 11 am(ish)
The Laurels Pet Center at West Laurel Hill
450 Righter’s Ferry Road (meet in the parking lot)  (map)

Come out for a relaxed ramble through ridiculously pretty scenery. We’ll follow paved paths with plenty of room for social distancing. All ages and abilities, however there are some optional inclines so please use your own best judgement with seniors and children. Wear a mask and bring water for the humans & canines in your party. Consider tick protection too.   **FREE** (no dog required)

**PLUS** @FluBugPhilly will be collecting blankets for ACCT! If you’ve got old towels and blankets to spare, please bring them along to help keep shelter pets warm this winter while they’re waiting for forever homes. Accepting all sizes, clean and preferably bagged/boxed.

NW Philly Pack Walk is a local Meetup group with over 1,800 members, and has been a Sunday morning institution for neighborhood dog lovers since 2014. 

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