Black Voices, Black Votes

Artists and activists join forces for targeted voter education & community outreach

When I look around me at everything that is happening in our country the very last thing that comes to mind is- “Maybe I Should Do Nothing.”

Many of you know my personal feelings about the 2020 Primary and our choices heading into the 2020 Election Season.

Our current feelings of hopelessness, disgust, and overall exhaustion are the byproducts a terribly flawed system that has devalued, denigrated, and disenfranchised Black People.

But at the same time- we must all be accountable for our response. Apathy, Disengagement, and a Failure to hold our leaders Accountable has further damaged our communities and rendered us powerless.

That is why I have decided to launch a campaign in collaboration with the Northwest Local Paper called “Bold, Black, and Informed,” a two month long digital campaign to combat Apathy, Voter Suppression, and Misinformation Campaigns that target the Black Community.

The campaign uses memes, ads, information, and creative content to empower black people and arm them with the information they need to exercise their right to vote- and STAY engaged in the fight for a Better Black Future.

Here’s How You Can Be Involved:

  1. Donate to the project by requesting a Sponsorship Package – Funds will be used to pay for Ads, and to Support The Artists who will be playing a key role in Content Creation. Or simply contribute via Paypal thru this link.
  2. Volunteer to be an Artist and help us to develop creative content
  3. Share Bold, Black, and Informed Posts Across Social Media- Arming your network with the information they need to make an informed decision about their future. Use the hashtag #boldblackinformed when sharing credible election information and follow @BoldBlackInformed on Instagram

We will be giving shout outs to individuals and businesses for every donation we receive and every artist or individual that steps up in support of this project.

I love you all.

Let’s Get It.

Lawanda Horton Sauter
Bold Black & Informed
Mission Incorporated
(267) 331-5971 

About Lawanda Horton Sauter 3 Articles
Lawanda Horton Sauter is a native New Yorker and professional fundraiser. She moved to Philly in 2006 with her husband, Henry, who was attending law school here. The couple created Mission Incorporated to provide advisory and consulting services, specializing in grassroots fundraising for non-profits. FUN FACT: Both Lawanda & Henry share a background in Performing Arts  – Lawanda as an actor/rapper & Theatre Historian, and Henry as a Cellist.

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