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You probably know these non-siblings from the best live music venues around town: The Grape Room, McGillicuddy’s, Bourbon Blue, Dawson Street Pub to name a few. Catch them playing all our rock/pop favorites at East Falls Oktoberfest

TRUE STORY: The Duke Brothers are not really brothers. They’ve really only known each other since 2011 — and within a year they were performing as a duo.

No relation, though. They took their name from the grumpy old villains in “Trading Places,” a 1983 Eddie Murphy/Dan Ackkroyd movie that both Joe Holz (vocalist) and Andrew Geigert (guitar) were big fans of — especially the Duke Brothers, who were so funny & so horrible simultaneously.  Plus, “It’s a Philly-based movie, and we’re a Philly band,” Andrew explained.

Their first audiences were mostly friends. And then friends of friends, and friends of those… Soon, complete strangers were fans of their music! They still have day jobs, and appreciate every opportunity to rock out on the weekends. “When people genuinely tell us they had a great time at our show, we truly appreciate those compliments,” Andrew told us, “It means the world.”

They play mostly acoustic pop and rock cover tunes, although they’ve also been known to go electric with a full band and everything. Their set list is huge and varied: Beatles, Prince, Pearl Jam, Maroon 5, Michael Jackson, Roberta Flack (?!), Smashmouth, Sublime…

“Lately fans seem to be into our Taylor Swift and Alanis Morrisette covers, but we’ve never played an Oktoberfest before!” So who knows? Maybe they’ll have a special acoustic Chicken Dance for us.

If they did, it’d probably have a 90’s grunge vibe: big influences for both of them include Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Sound Garden. When they play live, though, their music ranges in style from 60’s pop to classic rock, 80’s/90’s dance music — all the way up to current Top 40 radio hits. “We try to tailor our shows to the crowd,” said Andrew (Ed note: which means Madonna if I have anything to do with it, ha).

Locally, The Duke Brothers have played both Murphy’s and Cranky Joe‘s multiple times — “Great crowds, here, with good people running the establishments.” They’re pumped to be playing Castle Ringstetten this month, “We’re honored and excited to be a part of East Falls Oktoberfest!”

LIVE AT CASTLE ON TAP: Riverside beer garden in historic Kelly Drive boat house. Featuring live covers by The Duke Brothers, plus RawkU’s Bluesbreakers with their own brand of bluesy electric rock.

Amazing location, built in 1875 by a famous architect & Civil War Hero. Authentic Bavarian spread including fresh pretzels baked on-site. Games and prizes with Victory Beer.

*UPDATE* BIG THANKS to the Duke Bros for a great show, and an awesome after-party, too. We’re so glad they were a part of EF Oktoberfest, and can’t wait to have them back rocking the Castle next year.

2017 Party Details: 

FEATS OF STRENGTH rules & details.
FULL MENU HERE by Karsten Haigis, our Bavarian caterer
RIVERSIDE LOCATION wide grassy lawn, fascinating Victorian details

Tickets just $10 online ($15 at the door). Proceeds support Carve for Cancer and community improvements in East Falls.

Volunteer & your ticket’s free plus one! Email us for a list of fun, easy ways you can participate in making this year’s party a success. Thank you for supporting East Falls events! Hope to see you soon at Castle Ringstetten.
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