Wee Made It!


Finally! After four years of litigation, the kids of Wee Care Daycare can play outside again.

Hard to believe the “hostage situation” on Midvale Avenue is over at last!

The school’s children had been banned from their own play yard as lawyers wrestled over Wee Care’s right to land they legally purchased and then almost lost when the seller reneged on the contract. While the grownups duked it out in court, the kids were stuck inside all day, every day.

Then last fall — after four hours of debate behind closed doors — a judge finally awarded the property deed to Wee Care. Soon after, Wee Care got to work removing dead trees and leveling the ground for a new & improved playspace. They spent the winter raising funds, and this summer their design took shape.

On August 30th, Wee Care officially opened their new play area with a party for parents and kids! Marion Johnson & Barbara Shaw (Wee Care’s owners) provided soft pretzel nuggets & water ice — they also both spoke at the event, as did Kim LaPaglia, pastor of the Falls of Schuylkill Baptist Church (who shares the building).

Wee Care sent us these photos, along with a note:

Approximately 30 – 40 children will benefit from the playground. It is a wonderful feeling to finally have everything done and we love how everything turned out. It is a good feeling to know that we finally have a safe and fun place for the children to play.

Wee Care would like to thank Carmel Archdekin, a realtor from Caldwell Banker who was instrumental in purchasing the land (she’s also a parent of two delighted Wee Care kids). Thanks, too, to Jill Welsh and Carmen Bushong for sharing their pictures.

Congratulations to Wee Care Daycare! Best wishes for great times in the fresh air & sunshine.

Wee Care Daycare
3714 Midvale Avenue

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