Discarded Diamond


Who would do this to a pet? East Falls to the rescue.

Around 2:30pm Sunday October 15th, a heart-breaking post appeared on East Falls’ “Rants” Facebook group. “Somebody tied up their dog and abandoned her on my front step with a note and a bag of pizza.” What to do?

After shock and dismay, members rallied to find a rescue or foster home. “Please don’t take her to the shelter if we can find someone to take her in, “ posted Barb Berman, owner of Little White Dog, “If you need a place to take her right now, bring her here, I’m working till at least 5.”  Another neighbor pulled in Noah’s Ark Rescue, and others volunteered to foster the sweet-tempered puppy.

By 6pm that evening, Justin posted a happy ending: “Glad to report Diamond has found a home. Thanks for all the advice/messages. Faith in humanity restored.”

The news was quickly picked up by outlets from Philly.com to People.com and even the Today Show online shared this feel-good story.

BUMMER PSA: Most abandoned dogs stories don’t turn out so well. Please donate to animal rescue so these good people can keep doing great work. Our favorite: SalfidRescue.org with Fallser Lorena Wilson.

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