What the FHA?

KenCrest makes a federal case out of their zoning issues with the neighborhood. Literally. 

New sign last April outside KenCrest indicates that the transitional care home for children is going thru, despite a firm “no” from Community Council:

DATE: 4/12/18

OWNER: Ken-Crest Centers, 3467 W Penn Street

APPLICANT: High Swartz LLP, 40 E. Airy Street, Norristown PA 19401
Examiner: Bindu Mathew
Zoning Classification: RSA-1

USE PERMIT Subject to revocation if full information is misrepresented or not provided.
LOCATION OF WORK: 3625 McMichael Street


Under Regulations of the Philadelphia Zoning Ordinance For

Use Registration

This permit is hereby issued by terms of a reasonable accommodation, under the guidelines of the Federal Fair Housing Amendments Act, for a personal care home for maximum six (6) occupants providing assistance with bathing, dressing, diet, and financial management. Evacuation in the event of an emergency or medication prescribed for self administration in existing structure. No sign on this permit.

A quick call to Kencrest’s attorney confirms that KenCrest received their approval per the FHA. The sign has been visible for over 30 days with no appeals, and now the organization can move forward with plans to offer residential care for six medically fragile children as they transition from assisted living into homes with their families.

The first step will be obtaining permits to update the property with a wider driveway, new generator, and other improvements. No word yet on when work here will begin. Click for more information including project renderings.

KenCrest is a 110-year-old non-profit human services agency that is the largest provider of community-based services and supports in the Delaware Valley and Connecticut for people with developmental disabilities. Headquartered in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, we serve over 11,000 children and adults and their families ranging in age from infants to senior adults in over 300 locations across the region.

KenCrest’s Mission: To provide quality services to people with developmental disabilities in a manner that respects individual rights, enhances ability, and enables people to have control over their own lives. For more information, follow them on Facebook

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