Crime Report: August 2021

3480 W School House Ln.
Complainant stated offender is her ex-boyfriend. Offender was driving her vehicle when they began to argue. Offender pulled over and compl took her keys. Offender then punched her and took the keys. Compl exited vehicle to get help. Offender drove away. Compl wouldn’t provide any info about vehicle.

3617 Midvale Ave. 
Complainant (security guard) stated she received a call from next door tenant saying that the male that was evicted 2 weeks ago had broken back into the apartment. Upon police arrival, police saw door handle had been broken off and male offender was inside cutting the ceiling. Male arrested and transported to NWDD to process.

3617 Midvale Ave. 
Complainant states an unknown white male in his late 30s tried opening her car door while she was in the car. Offender then reached inside her back door window and opened it. Offender then grabbed her necklace (value: $200) and ripped it off her neck before fleeing in a white pickup truck. An unknown witness contacted the 39th District via telephone and stated she saw the incident and observed the offender flee. She provided a tag number.

3510 Scotts Ln. 
Complainant parked her 2020 white Nissan Rogue (value: $25,000) on the highway at listed address on 8/26 at 8:30PM. Compl returned at 9AM on 8/27 to discover the car missing. Tow files checked with negative results.

4116 Ridge Ave.
An unknown offender smased out the rear passenger window of complainant’s 2020 Infiniti QX 60. Offender took compl’s briefcase containing his work laptop (value: $1000) and paperwork. No cameras in the area.

4168 Ridge Ave.
Complainant was getting gas for 2018 blue Nissan Sentra (value: $20,000) when an unknown male took the vehicle and fled southbound on Ridge Ave. Compl. had permission from the owner to use the vehicle at the time of the incident.

34XX Indian Queen Ln.
Complainant was unloading sheet rock from her vehicle and observed aa black male in her vehicle. Compl screamed at male. He exited the vehicle and got into a fighting stance. compl started to approach offender when he fled into the backseat of a black vehicle which headed westbound on Indian Queen Lane, almost striking her. No description of offender.

34XX Indian Queen Ln. 
Complainant was inside of his silver 2009 Honda CRV when (8) Black males pulled up alongside of him in a black Toyota Camry #1 Black male got out of the vehicle and opened the compl driver side rear door and said “get the fuck out the car” as the #2 Black male approached the driver side door. Compl, who was in fear for his life, left the vehicle and #2 Black male got in his vehicle and fled. Compl taken to NWDD

33XX Conrad St.
Complainant states offender #1 jumped in the driver’s seat of his vehicle as he was getting something out of his trunk and drove off with his vehicle. Offender #1 got out of listed vehicle driven by offender #2. Compl positively ID’d offender and transported to NWDD for statement.

3510 Vaux St.
Complainant states he was sitting in his vehicle at above location when offender approached him pulled the handle of his door and demanded his car and keys. Compl then pulled off and did not give offender anything. offender left location in a tan vehicle with damage to side mirror, but was seen later circling the area.

3300 Henry Ave. (Allegheny University)
Complainant (Chief Engineer) for the above location stated he noticed a large amount of plumbing materials missing from their main storage room located on the ground level “Falls 32” building which was previously secured on 8/17. Compl reviewed video surveillance which depicted two offenders entering the room and taking listed items. NWDD on scene processed, photos, video and latent prints recovered. No signs of forced entry.

28XX Midvale Ave.
Complainant states that between 8/18 and 8/21 and unknown offender accessed an unlocked his basement and took a bike pump, Tomassa Forcella road bike, water bottle holders, bike tire tube, bike tool kit, Curten pedal clip, bike shoe clip, bike seat bag and tires were all taken (value: $1417.22). The basement is accessible from the outside and is shared by four other units within the building. No cameras at location.

34XX Henry Ave.
Complainant was attempting to park his vehicle when an unknown vehicle with a PA tag pulled up next to him and an unknown Black male got into the backseat of compl’s vehicle. Offender told the compl to get out of the car, which compl did and offender fled southbound on Henry Ave.

35XX Conrad St.
Complainant was placing groceries inside her home while she left her 2018 Ford Escape running. Unknown males in a blue SUV pulled up next to compl’s vehicle and a Black male jumped into compl’s vehicle and drove off. While police were on scene, compl was able to track phone to Catherine St. Police transported compl to vehicle where she recovered it. Video of incident is available.

3226 McMichael St. 
Complainant saw PHA vehicle (white 2021 Hyundai Elantra) with hood partially opened and interior of car ransacked. No signs of forced entry or other damage.

Vaux & Bowman Sts. 
Unknown person(s) took catalytic converter (value: $600) from complainant’s vehicle. No surveillance cameras in the area.

Osmond St. & Ainslie St. 
Complainant was making a delivery to 34XX Osmond. When he left his 2017 Kia Sedona (value: $20,000), two unknown males jumped into his vehicle and drove away. Compl’s wallet (containing credit cards) in vehicle.

34XX Sunnyside Ave.
Complainant was sitting on the porch of her apt when she was approached by male offender who had exited a dark green Toyota SUV (tag unknown). He unsuccessfully attempted to take her cell phone & purse from her. He fled back to vehicle (driven by 2nd offender) and it drove westbound on Vaux. Both offenders were Black males and wore dark clothing.

Theft (Two incidents)
Wissahickon Ave. & Lincoln Dr. 
First complainant stated unknown person broke passenger side front window of her blue Toyota Tacoma and took her backpack (containing unknown items). Second compl parked her car at same location and returned to find passenger front window broken. Unknown person(s) rummaged through middle console and glove box. Nothing taken.

3531 Scotts Ln. 
Complainant left her Act 235 card and gun permit in a friend’s 2008 Chevrolet Impala (unknown tag) while she was at McDevitt Fields. When she returned to the vehicle around 830PM she noticed the items missing. There was no forced entry to vehicle.

7/7 (reported 8/8)
3510 Scotts Ln. 
Complainant and her boyfriend went on vacation July 5th to 13TH. (Returned on the 13th at 9:30PM.) On the 21st, she noticed items missing from her apartment. No forced entry but compl stated that when she returned from work on 7/14, she noticed around 11:30AM that her door was unlocked. Missing items: pink Beats headphones ($200), diamond bracelet ($500), $50 cash, and a small canvas tan bag with blue writing on the side ($10).

6/15 (reported 8/8)
5450 Wissahickon Ave. (The Avenue at East Falls)
Complainant was last in the apt on 6/15 and was not able to return until 8/8 since she wasn’t named on the lease. On 6/15 the apartment was raided by the DEA to take the other tenant into custody. After being allowed to return on 8/8, compl observed several of her items missing from the apt. No signs of forced entry. NWDD notified. Missing items: Coffee table ($300), 55” Samsung TV ($750), dining room table ($500) Asus laptop ($400), Bose speaker ($300) jewelry box containing various pieces of jewelry ($7,000), passport, luggage, clothing, shoes ($2,000)

Lincoln Dr. & Forbidden Dr. 
Complainant’s rear passenger side window was broken and her pocketbook was taken from her 2012 Nissan Murano. She received bank notification that an attempt was made to use her card at Rite Aid at 3601 Midvale Ave.

4055 Ridge Ave. 
Complainant left her apt secured at 9AM. When she returned at 11:30AM, she noticed damages to the door frame. Her apartment had been ransacked and several credit cards were taken. Police took photos and obtained latent prints.

From the files of the 39th District. Special thanks to Captain Anthony Ginaldi and the dedicated officers of his command for making this section possible.

If you notice suspicious activity, please call 911 immediately. Also call the 39th district at 215-686-3390 and ask for the Crime Prevention Officer.

If you have security cameras, please register them with OPERATION SAFECAM – it’s a free service offered by the Police Department. Video captured by your camera may assist in the investigation of a crime.

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