Crime Report: January 2023

Aggravated assault
4168 Ridge Ave. (Sunoco/7 Eleven)
Witness (store employee) stated he and listed offender (unknown Black male wearing white headphones, black pants, hoodie, beanie and shoes with a tattoo on right hand) got into a verbal argument when offender’s card was declined. Witness escorted offender outside where offender flashed a gun and threatened the witness. Camera provided footage. Offender was driving a white Dodge Durango. No tag obtained.

Aggravated assault
5450 Wissahickon Ave. (The Avenue at East Falls)
Complainant got into an argument with her ex-boyfriend about him getting a key to her apartment. During the argument, offender grabbed her by the face and throat and choked her. Compl. states she fled to the parking area at listed location where the offender chased her around the parking lot with his black Chevrolet Malibu before striking her in the right leg with the car. Offender then fled the location prior to police arrival. Medic 28 on location and transported complainant to Einstein hospital for treatment.

Lincoln Dr. & W. Rittenhousetown Ln.
Police observed a 2015 Hyundai Sonata with two wheels on top of divider wall in the center of the highway with airbags deployed. There were no occupants in the vehicle. As police were investigating, the owner arrived at the scene and stated a tow truck driver had come to her house to notify her that vehicle was in an accident. Compl. states she had no idea who took her vehicle and that no one had permission to use it.

Aggravated assault
3700 Lincoln Dr.
Complainant was driving her boyfriend to work when a white male passenger in a gray Dodge Durango fired two shots into the passenger door of the compl’s vehicle, striking the compl in the right knee. The Durango fled southbound on Kelly Drive. Complainants drove to Roxborough Hospital for treatment, eventually being transported to Temple Hospital where compl was listed in stable condition.

37XX Stanton St.

Complainant temporarily parked her black 2014 Nissan Rogue ($9000) on the street and was outside of her car when three black males (all wearing masks, dark hoodies and pants) approached her. One of the Black males struck her in the face, which knocked her to the ground. All three males then drove off in her car, heading southbound on Ridge Ave. Vehicle is not trackable. Medic 16 arrived and transported compl. to Temple Hospital. No video surveillance of incident available at time of report.

3515 Indian Queen Ln.
Complainant stated that a maintenance worker from her apartment complex stole cash (approx. $30) from compl’s end table while he was working at listed location. Compl. has a surveillance camera in her apt and witnessed the theft on video.

Forbidden Dr./Lincoln Dr. (Ten Box parking lot)
Complainant parked her white 2016 Acura MDX at listed time/location. When she returned from her walk at 10:34AM, she noticed the rear window was smashed and her wallet ($200) was missing.

Wissahickon Ave. & Queen Ln. 
An unknown person took complainant’s wallet ($30) from his unlocked work truck between 6:30AM and 8AM. No surveillance of this incident available at time of report.

32XX Scotts Ln.
Complainant parked his ’09 Mercury Mariner at listed time and location. When he returned to vehicle on 1/24 at 6AM, he noticed his catalytic converter ($1500) was missing.

Bowman St. & Conrad St.
Unknown person(s) took catalytic converter ($600) from complainant’s 2004 Jeep Cherokee.

Wissahickon Ave. & Queen Ln.
Complainant parked her black 2012 Kia Optima ($10,000) at listed time and location. She noticed vehicle missing at 6AM that morning. Vehicle not on any tow files and no video surveillance of incident available at time of report.

Aggravated assault
3259 Cresson St. (Franklin’s East Falls)
Complainant was sitting ln his car at above location when he heard gunshots and felt himself get hit. He drove himself to Temple Hospital, where it was discovered he had three gunshot wounds to his upper back and shoulder. Compl in critical but stable condition.

35XX Cresson St.
Complainant parked her 2020 Hyundai Elantra ($20,000) in front of her residence at 10PM on 1/20. Her Ring camera shows vehicle missing at 2AM on 1/21. Surveillance does not show offenders or incident. No witnesses.

34XX Penn St.
Complainant last saw her black 2015 Kia Soul ($12,000) at the corner of Penn St. and Vaux St. at listed date and time. When she walked her dog the next day, she noticed broken glass on the ground where vehicle had been parked. Police checked tow file with negative results.

5500 Wissahickon Ave. (Alden Park Apts)
Complainant stated that, while borrowing a gold 2003 Subaru Outback ($5000), it was stolen from listed location.

5400 Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant was approached by a Black male (approx. 15 years old, 5’6” and dark clothes) asking for directions to 5353 Priscilla St. When compl. pulled out her iPhone 8 ($900), the male grabbed it and fled. No threats and no force used. Compl tracked phone to 400 block of W Coulter St. Compl then deleted info off of phone, which disabled tracking. Nearby apartment has Ring camera surveillance footage of incident. Offender made no contact with compl.

5500 Wissahickon Ave. (Alden Park Apts)
Complainant called police to report catalytic converter ($1500) stolen from his 2007 Ford F150 between 8:30 PM on 1/18 and 1PM on 1/20. Vehicle was parked in apartment parking lot.

5450 Wissahickon Ave. (The Avenue at East Falls)
Complainant had friends over to his apartment, who brought people he did not know with them. After all guests had left, compl. noticed that the keys to his blue 2008 Ford Fusion ($5000) were missing from the key rack in his apartment. Complainant had recently purchased the vehicle and wasn’t sure license plate number at time of report. No surveillance video of incident available.

4300 Ridge Ave. (Ridge Flats)
Police responded to location for a burglary in progress. While clearing the premises, an offender was located on the 5th floor and detained. Witness (construction supervisor) verified that the offender didn’t have permission to be on the property.

3400 Kelly Dr. (Near Twin Bridges parking lot)
Complainant parked his red 2006 Ford Freestyle at listed time. When he returned at 5:45PM, he discovered that the passenger-side window had been broken and several items were missing: a brown purse, a black purse, two Algeria driver’s licenses, and $140 cash. (Value: $190) No surveillance camera footage available at time of report.

28XX Midvale Ave.
Complainant parked her 2014 Ford Escape at listed time. When she returned, she discovered that the passenger-side window had been shattered and several items were missing: rechargeable car battery, cleaning kit, Michael Kors tote, car seat cover, Spotify gift card, Water Pik. Value: $520

4168 Ridge Ave. (Sunoco/7 Eleven)
Witness (store manager) reported to police that male offender refused to pay for two donuts (chocolate and glazed) and a 24-ounce coffee (value: $5.47) he consumed. He said he had no money and refused to leave store. He was taken into custody by police.

3300 Fox St.
Complainant discovered the catalytic converter ($1200) was missing from his 2009 Kia Spectra at 8:15PM on 1/11. He had parked and secured the car at 5:30AM that day. No surveillance camera footage available at time of report.

2979 W School House Ln. (Alden Park Apts) 
Shortly after parking and securing her 2017 Hyundai Elantra in complex’s parking lot, complainant received notices on a phone app that the car was moving (vehicle was equipped with tracking device). Police located the car at 7026 North Broad St. It had a broken steering column and rear passenger-side window. Compl is using private tow service to recover the vehicle.

11/1/2022 (reported 1/11/2023)
3629 Midvale Ave. (Midvale Avenue Automotive)
Complainant left his gold 2002 Toyota Camry ($5000) at shop for servicing. Owner of the shop relocated vehicle to the street and advised compl. to pick it up. Compl. states he last observed his vehicle parked at this location on 11/1/22 at about 12:10PM. All tow files checked with negative results.

33XX W. Penn St.
Complainant looked out of her window because she heard a sawing noise and saw offender stealing the catalytic converter ($800) from her 2008 Acura TSX. When she yelled at them from the window, the offenders got back in their car and drove away in an unknown direction. Police provided report to the compl to reference her insurance company.

28XX W. Queen Ln.
9:09 PM
Complainant had exited his Lyft ride at 7:44PM when he noticed his iPhone 12 ($900) was missing. He contacted the Lyft driver who said the phone was not in his car. Compl tracked the phone and it last pinged at 29th & Hunting Park Ave. Compl lost contact with it after that.

36XX W Earlham St.
Complainant parked his 2011 VW Jetta at listed time. When he returned at noon the following day, he noticed that the car’s catalytic converter ($500) was missing. No surveillance camera footage available at time of report.

4116 Ridge Ave. (In Riva restaurant)
Complainant was eating her meal when she realized her wallet (containing bank cards, IDs, and $60 cash) was missing. Shortly thereafter, she received text message alerts that someone was attempting to process a $400 purchase at Target at 4000 Monument Rd. Compl. suspects that a man who had been sitting behind her when she was seated (and left while she was eating) is to blame.

3502 Scotts Ln. (Sherman Mills apartments) 
Complainant parked his vehicle at listed time. When he returned at 10:58AM, he noticed wires hanging below the vehicle and his catalytic converter ($1000) was missing. Apartment complex cameras show 3 unknown Black males (all wearing hoodies and face coverings) removing the converter and fleeing in a light-colored Ford 500 truck.

4300 Ridge Ave.
Complainant (company foreman) reported several items missing from construction site: 15 air conditioner units ($3000), electrical wire ($35,000), 15 exhaust fans ($17,000), various mechanical equipment ($4000). He last items at 2PM on 12/30. The cameras on site were unplugged. Chains, locks, and lockboxes also were tampered with.

3259 Cresson St. (Franklin’s East Falls)
As the complainants exited the restaurant and entered their car, they were approached by an unknown offender who robbed them at gunpoint of a green and red Gucci Watch ($1000) and a silver and gold Rolex ($20,000). Offender then fled on foot.

From the files of the 39th District. Special thanks to Captain Joseph Busa and the dedicated officers of his command for making this section possible.

If you notice suspicious activity, please call 911 immediately. Also call the 39th district at 215-686-3390 and ask for the Crime Prevention Officer.

If you have security cameras, please register them with OPERATION SAFECAM – it’s a free service offered by the Police Department. Video captured by your camera may assist in the investigation of a crime.

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