Crime Report: March 2022

35XX Sunnyside Ave.
Complainant left his property secured at 4PM. When he returned on 3/29 he noticed that the copper pipes, wires and recessed lighting fixtures ($21,000) were missing. Possible entry gained through the rear door. The property is vacant and under renovation.

12/1/2021 (reported 3/23)
32XX Cresson St.
While complainant was working on 1995 Chevrolet Caprice (value: $18000), he parked it on Cresson St between Sunnyside Ave. and Bowman St. He doesn’t recall exact date vehicle was stolen, but it was in December of 2021. Owner states he did not report vehicle until now due to personal issues.

Lincoln Dr. & Rittenhousetown Ln.
Complainant parked and secured his 2021 Chevy Trailblazer at listed time before going for a run in the Wissahickon. Upon returning at 8:35AM, he noticed the passenger-side front window damaged and several items missing: wallet (with credit cards and $100 cash), iPhone SE, Light Phone 2, and iPhone 6 (value: $2200). Compl’s credit cards were used at a CVS pharmacy.

4168 Ridge Ave. (Sunoco/APlus)
Listed offender was seen taking 4 candy bars and a soda ($11) and tried to leave without paying but employees locked the doors until police arrived. Male taken into custody. Items recovered by police.

33XX Wiehle St.
Complainant heard people talking loudly in the rear of her residence at listed time. Upon investigation, she observed the gate to her backyard open and her rear sliding door open, but entry was not gained to her residence. Scene was not able to be processed.

5450 Wissahickon Ave. (The Avenue at East Falls)
Police responded to burglary report at location. Complainant said she went to bed around 3:30AM and didn’t notice anything was missing until approximately 4PM. She stated an unknown person broke in but police found no damage to the apartment door. Compl. stated various designer items were missing from the trash bags used for storage. No signs of items original boxes/packaging/receipts. The apartment was in disarray, scene contaminated by compl. Stolen items: various designer shoes, Louis Vuitton bags and designer clothes, and Pandora jewelry. Value: $25,000

2900 W. School House Ln.
Complainant parked her 2018 Chevy Traverse at 10:51PM. When she returned to vehicle at 5:27AM on 3/15, she discovered that her front passenger side window was shattered and several items were missing: Nike sneakers ($130) and Versace perfume ($111). Window damages $200.

4268 Ridge Ave.
Complainant parked his silver 2017 VW Passat in front of the Shell gas station, leaving the engine running while he went inside. When he came out, his vehicle was gone. Value: $23000

3300 Henry Ave. (Laboratory Charter School)
Complainant, along with father, reported that offender (compl’s mother) went to listed location and took compl’s iPhone12 ($1200) without the permission of the compl or his father (who purchased the phone).

4055 Ridge Ave. (Dobson Mills Apts)
Complainant states that female houseguest punched her numerous times in the face and head when compl asked her to leave. The female then coerced the compl to drive her to an ATM to withdraw money. While driving, the female struck the compl on her head several times with a metal coffee mug. Compl withdrew $500 at TD Bank ATM and gave it to the female, who them exited the vehicle. Compl drove to hospital, where she received three stitches to her ear. Compl described offender as 56-year-old white female. No further info given.

33XX Tilden St.
Complainant’s vehicle was parked in her driveway. When she went to her car she noticed someone had rifled through it, taking her purse (which contained IDs and credit cards and $25 cash). She is unsure if the vehicle was locked or not.

5450 Wissahickon Ave.
Driver’s-side window of complainant’s vehicle was smashed and his wallet, old cellphone, and loose change were taken (Value: $100. Vehicle damage: $300). No cameras in area.

5450 Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant parked her gray 2015 BMW i3 at listed location. When she returned on 3/8 at 7:30AM she discovered that the passenger-side front window had been smashed out and several items were missing: Cricut maker printer, HP laptop, and glasses. Value: $2840

Lincoln Dr. & Rittenhousetown Ln.
Complainant parked and secured her Subaru Forester and entered the Wissahickon Valley park at 11AM. When she returned, she noticed that the rear passenger-side window of her car had been damaged and a binocular case ($50) and a backpack ($100) were missing.

Lincoln Dr. & Rittenhousetown Ln.
Complainant parked her Subaru Outback at listed time. When she returned to her vehicle at 10:15AM her passenger-side window was smashed and her wallet containing her id cards, debit cards, credit cards, SEPTA keycard, house keys, and car keys were all missing.

From the files of the 39th District. Special thanks to Captain Joseph Busa and the dedicated officers of his command for making this section possible.

If you notice suspicious activity, please call 911 immediately. Also call the 39th district at 215-686-3390 and ask for the Crime Prevention Officer. Got security cameras? Consider registering them with OPERATION SAFECAM – it’s a free service offered by the Police Department. Video captured by your camera may assist in the investigation of a crime.

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