December 2019

32XX Midvale Ave
Complainant parked her brown 2016 Toyota Corolla on 12-17 at 11PM. When she returned to the vehicle on 12-18 at 6AM the vehicle was gone. Value: $9000

34XX Midvale Ave
Complainant parked his vehicle on 12-17 at 8:30 PM. When he returned, he found his front passenger window broken and tools missing (three Ryobi drills, three batteries, and three chargers). Value: $500

34XX Osmond St
Complainant left her residence secured at 10:15AM on 12/11. Compl. stated she received an alert from her Ring door camera, showing an offender attempting to enter her front door, then walking to the side of her house. Compl. contacted 911. Officers arrived on location and observed the offender attempting to flee through the rear door. Compl. offender did not have permission to be inside her home. Officers observed the 1st floor side window had been forced open.

5500 Wissahickon Ave
Complainant left his apartment at 9AM today and returned at approx. 7:50PM to find it in disarray and several items missing from bedroom closet. Multiple TV’S and furniture were vandalized including compl’s clothing, which had bleach on it in bedroom. No forced entry. Police lifted 2 latent prints from apartment. Approx. $3000 in damage to property. Items taken: 2 pairs of Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 sneakers ($750), Balenciaga sneakers ($1000), Alexander McQueen sneakers ($750). Value: $2500.

3300 Henry Ave
Complainant parked her 2008 Toyota Prius at 7AM in parking garage. She returned to the vehicle at 4:30PM the same day and discovered the catalytic converter was taken. Value: $3,000

3300 Henry Ave
Complainant parked her vehicle in the parking garage at 8:35AM. When she returned to vehicle at 5:30PM, she noticed her catalytic converter had been taken. Value: $1,300

33XX Bowman St.
Complainant left his home at 5:30AM. When he returned home at 2:15PM, he discovered his side door open (may have been left unlocked) and a PS4 system missing. Police lifted two prints. No cameras in the area. Value: $850

Aggravated assault
5450 Wissahickon Ave
Complainant was on the elevator when offender got on and said “what’s up?” to her. Offender then pulled out a black pocket knife out of pocket with the blade extended and said “I’ll kill you and your cousin.” Offender had knife in her purse when police arrived.

34XX Bowman St
Complainant received an alert on her phone from her security system. Cameras showed an offender on her porch looking through her window, then the offender could be seen attempting to cover the camera lens. The compl arrived home a short time later to find her basement window broken out, rear kitchen window screen raised and damage to her rear door screen. Police lifted two prints. Stolen: $150 in cash.

35XX Scotts Ln
Complainant left home secure at approximately 10AM on 12-4. When he returned at 12pm, he heard running water coming from upstairs. He called out to see who was there. An unknown male ran down the stairs and out the back door. Male was seen getting into SEPTA bus #7390 heading east on Allegheny Ave. forced entry. Back kitchen window broken in.

3300 Henry Ave
Complainant stated unknown person(s) removed the catalytic converter from her 2007 Toyota Prius on 12-2. Value: $1,000

5450 Wissahickon Ave
Complainant was making a delivery to listed address in his black 2014 Chrysler Town and Country when an unknown male got into his vehicle and drove off in an unknown direction. Compl had an iPhone on the dashboard (valued at $900). Value of stolen items: $22,900


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