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Yvonne B. Haskins has substantial and varied experience as a lawyer, financial underwriter, developer, public administrator, community/economic development planner, and community-based organization director. Her current focus is real estate law, affordable housing and economic development projects. She initiated a process that resulted in the creation of Germantown United Community Development Corporation, whose mission is to revitalize and bring improvements to the commercial corridors in the Germantown community.


  1. While it is a crime that blight continues to exist in our City, it is even worse when our city government is responsible for leaving its buildings vacant and deteriorated. Town Hall and the YWCA should be immediately transferred to someone who can reuse them and put them back on the tax rolls. We need this funding for our schools and City services!

  2. Definitely look forward to movement in 2020. Town Hall and the YWCA should compliment whatever the plans of Germantown HS and Fulton end up. These two blocks could be a great “Town Center” for Germantown with the right planning.

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