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Vetter Mobile Pet Care comes to NW Philly with high hopes (and a little trepidation). By Kenny Huebsch, Vetter Pet Care Team member and dog lover

I consider myself somewhat brave. I will kill a spider on the ceiling. I will go down into the basement when the light is burned out. I even watched the movie “It” while I was alone. But, I am currently dealing with an issue that is testing my courage and I am worried that I might not be so brave after all.

The issue that is scaring me right now, is one that many people struggle with. It is a fear that arises in business, relationships, family, and many other life circumstances. In my case specifically, it is the fear of taking a risk and leaving a job that is steady for something that I am passionate about, that is a complete unknown.

My friend Ryan, founder of Vetter Pet Care, explosed me to an unfortunate truth that many animals in our city don’t receive the health care that they need because their owners are physically unable or don’t have schedules that allow them to bring their pet into a veterinary clinic for checkups.

His wife is a veterinarian — and my wife owns a dog-walking business — so this issue hits close to home for all of us: it feels like a calling. Last year, Vetter decided to take a chance and open a mobile vet service for greater Philadelphia – including East Falls, Germantown, and throughout the northwest. And now I’m struggling with the decision of whether I should follow him and take a similar chance.

Vetter’s owner’s dog gets a home checkup.

I’ve always dreamed of a career helping animals, and now that goal is within sight! I’ve been a team member since Vetter began, I’ve also kept my “regular” job. Now the business has grown, I’m at a turning point.  Am I ready to leave my steady paycheck, and go “all in” with Vetter? We have many happy clients, and with my full attention we’ll be able to take on even more. But we’ve got a mortgage and bills to pay – life offers no guarantees. I don’t mind sharing the honest truth: this uncertainty scares me more than spiders and evil clowns!

But I love what we do, and I’m proud of our operation, Vetter Mobile Pet Care. Our model lowers the cost of pet ownership by making annual exams ridiculously easy to keep on top of. We strive to keep our service affordable, and top-notch: all the standard exams, tests, and procedures you’d expect from any veterinary clinic, but right to your front door. Medications, too: we even have an in-house pharmacy.

Hamlet with his buddies from Vetter

Clients range from growing puppies and kittens, dogs of all ages, including senior dogs with their own very special needs. No pet carriers, no waiting rooms, no hassles. Hours are incredibly flexible – we’ll see fit in appointments around the clock, schedule online for maximum convenience.

We offer multi-pet discount rates and for the entire month of July, we’re offering readers a “Locals Only” discount! Use the code EASTFALLS$15 when scheduling your appointment online for $15 dollars off your first visit.

Because even though changing careers can be scary, I’m excited to build our start-up, and expand thru the great neighborhoods in Northwest Philly. I hope you’ll check us out. Vets can be time-consuming for humans and stressful for pets — we think we’re the perfect solution to happy, healthy pet ownership. Your pet will thank you!

— Post by Kenneth Huebsch, Vetter Pet Care

Vetter Mobile Pet Care
844-6VETTER (844-683-8837)

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