Town Watch Round Up

Roberta Ginsburg’s got the skinny on the crew helping East Falls stay safe and clean.

The East Falls Town Watch discourages crime by keeping the neighborhood as free of graffiti, trash, outed lights, bandit signs, abandoned vehicles, and panhandlers as possible. By taking turns patrolling, members identify troubled spots that could use some repair and TLC. You may see us riding around (aka “Eagle Eyeing”), kneeling for trash, swiping a paint brush, climbing ladders to remove nuisance signs, or just waving howdy to our neighbors.

Lots more to tell, but so better to show! Next meeting is July 19 at 7:30 pm at The Carfax building on Indian Queen Lane (next to Old Academy theater). Coming up Aug. 7 from 4 pm – 7 pm – National Night Out, a community-building event promoting positive cooperation between neighbors and local law enforcement. Come out for snacks & safety info in Carfax’s front yard. All welcome! Come out and meet East Falls Town Watch,  and say hi to our president Mary Jane Fullam.

Students lend a hand on a rainy May cleanup

More fun with “Plunged” August 17th, where Jeff/PhillyU’s new students are thrown (figuratively) into the mix of our neighborhood cleanup. As part of their community service requirement, incoming freshmen sign up   with EF Town Watch to do yard work in parks & at Old Academy, and to pick up trash along Ridge Ave, Roosevelt Blvd, and other problem areas.

In other news… A petition is circulating to ask SEPTA to reroute the K bus, which was routed from Midvale down Fox Street due to weight restrictions on Coulter Street’s bridge in Germantown. Residents there feel distressed by the noise and vibrations buses make when they drive in front of their homes.

Fun Fact: “Bandit” signs are those unauthorized ads you see slapped all over a neighborhood’s light posts, telephone poles, abandoned buildings – like annoying pop-up ads IRL. They not just illegal, they’re a scourge the City seeks to clean up. Philly pays Town Watch 50 cents for every “bandit sign” we take down – so far we’ve collected more than 250 signs! Ca-ching!

Roberta Ginsburg is a community advocate (and original founder of EFDC). 

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