Pottercularly perfect trivia for the most magical time of the year.  

Since when did Harry Potter become a Christmas classic? You keep seeing it on TV at Christmastime, but I have no idea why. Still, someone’s watching it, so this month’s ten-pack is for you Potterheads.

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Now let’s see how keen your sense of spell is….

  1. Including the last one which was split into 2 movies, how many books are in the main series?
  2. The most important position on the pitch despite doing relatively little, what position does Harry play in Quidditch?
  3. Before he was given Cousin Dudley’s old room, where did Harry sleep in the Dursley house?
  4. Always picturing the character humming to himself, who did JK Rowling name after an Old English word for bumblebee?
  5.  At King’s Cross Station in London, from which hidden platform do students board the Hogwarts Express?
  6. Which United Kingdom country is Hogwarts located in?
    a. Northern Ireland
    b. Wales
    c. Scotland
    d. England
  7. In addition to owls like Harry’s Hedwig, which other animals can students bring as pets?
  8. A highly derogatory term, what is a Muggle-born or half-blood wizard often called?
  9. An old red telephone booth in London, the visitor’s entrance to the Ministry of Magic requires what five-digit code to get in?
  10. Which of these is not one of the Three Unforgiveable Curses?
    a. Avada Kedavra
    b. Crucio
    c. Alohomora (opens locks)
    d. Imperio

Find the answers in the back of this month’s Local newspaper — just flip to Missed Connections and there’s a little box in the lower right-hand corner. Click over to the answers here!

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