February 2019

33XX Krail St.
Complainant states she parked her 2000 white Honda Civic ON 3300 block of Krail St. around 12PM on 2/20 and when she returned at about 2PM on 2/21 vehicle was missing. Vehicle was parked legally. Negative on tow file. Value: $4000

34XX Crawford St. 
Police responded to Conrad and Bowman street for a report of males taking packages. Males were stopped at 3300 Scotts Lane with Amazon package containing white extension cord (value: $30). Complainant is the owner of the package and stated no one has permission to take her mail. Males were arrested and transported to NWDD for processing.

34XX W. Penn St. 
Complainant received a message from Amazon that her packages were delivered but, when she checked, they were not there. Items were later recovered by police at 3345 Conrad street and placed on property receipt.

44XX Driftwood Dr.
Complainant had packages delivered on listed date. When compl got home, packages were not on location. Compl has confirmation from delivery service that they were delivered.

44XX Driftwood Dr. 
Complainant parked his vehicle at listed location. When he returned, 20 CDs were missing. No forced entry, vehicle left unlocked.

5450 Wissahickon Ave. 
Complainant states he parked his 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe. When he returned the following items were missing: 1 Nintendo system, 3 games, l Anchor Power Bank, and 2 cases. Value: $260

37XX Midvale Ave. 
Complainant states her son’s boyfriend took her car keys and house keys after an argument. Value: $50

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