Four Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer

With clocks “Springing Forward,” now’s the time to plan for warmer weather and the latest trends on the horizon.

Animal print

Yeah this trends seems a bit cheesy and lame, but actually animal print is becoming quite popular and can be seen in a lot of designers’ shows. Of course not everyone can afford designer clothes, including me, so it is nice to know some more affordable options. When looking for animal print, it doesn’t hurt to check the normal stores you shop at, but be open to thrifting. Going to thrift shops is so sustainable and you will honestly be surprised by what you can find with an open mind. Brands such as Off-White and Burberry have incorporated various animals prints into their spring/summer collections.

American Workwear / Military

This trend has been pretty popular the past few seasons, but it is still growing in popularity so now is the right time to jump along with it and grab some workwear-type clothes. Some really popular brands are Carhartt, Dickies, Stan Ray, and more. Even a lot of skateboarding brands are picking up on this trend and incorporating traditional American workwear elements into their collections. Carpenter pants are super popular right now for both men and women. Stan Ray has some great pairs.

Photo courtesy of Broke Girl Mag (click image for website)


Long gone are the days where only women could wear this color. The ideas of gender are being broken and reformed, almost on a daily basis, and it is much more acceptable for anyone to wear pink — even those afflicted with toxic masculinity. Pink is honestly just a fun spring color that should not be limited to only half the population. If you are still a bit nervous about wearing pink, ease into it with maybe a reddish/pink tee. If you are feeling comfortable, go buy some pink pants and shoes. Take a look at the picture from Broke Girl Mag, an online magazine created by Gina Grasso.

Photos courtesy of Everlane. (Click image for website)

Being comfortable

Now I mean this in two ways. First, there is no need to wear jeans and a button-down all spring and summer if you are going to be sweating like crazy. Don’t torture yourself with unnecessary layers. But it’s also important to be comfortable mentally with what you wear. You should wear what you feel comfortable in and be confident in it. If you identify as a man and want to wear women’s clothes because that is what you feel authentic in, go for it! Same goes the other way around, be yourself.  One cool collaboration is a collection by Everlane called 100% Human, which is all about humans coming together as one and supporting one another. A lot of the pieces are even unisex. A portion of each item purchased goes to supporting the American Civil Liberties Union.

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