March 2019

34XX W. Queen Ln.
Complainant parked her 2004 Toyota Camry in front of her property. When she returned she found the car ransacked. Nothing missing.

33XX W. Penn St.
Complainant parked his 2017 Subaru Forester at 9:30PM on 3/21 in front of his house on Penn St. Upon returning to his car at 6:30AM on 3/22, he observed the interior ransacked and missing items: a keyfob to a Mazda and a green coin bag containing $20. No forced entry.

33XX W. Penn St. 
Complainant’s 2010 Mazda 3 was parked in front of his residence at 9:30PM on 3/21. Upon returning at 6:13AM on 3/22, the car was gone. Car belonging to compl’s husband was broken into at 9:30PM on 3/21 & the keyfob to the Mazda was taken.

33XX Queen Ln. 
Owner parked 2014 Honda Pilot overnight. When she returned the following day, vehicle was gone. Tow files negative results. Value: $12,000

Aggravated assault
4168 Ridge Ave.
Complainant was assaulted outside his vehicle while at the Sunoco station. Offenders hit compl with brass knuckles, fists and some type of club weapon. Offenders fled north on Ridge Ave in a dark sedan. Compl was transported to Roxborough hospital by his father and treated for laceration over left eye (required stitches).

33XX Creswell St. 
Complainant states on 3-9-19 at 11:30PM both of his guns were in his home, last seen by him. When the compl awakened at 6:30AM on 3-10-19, he noticed the first weapon (Hi Point .45 ACP, Black) was not where he placed it near his bed. The second weapon (Jimenez 9MM Silver) was not in the bedroom closet where he keeps it. Compl’s friend was at his home picking up a bag of clothes from the compl’s bedroom where the guns were, the same day, 3-9-19. Compl made several attempts to contact his friend to question him, without success. Male was the only person in the home with the compl. Value: $800

3/10 (reported, offense occurred 2/1)
5500 Wissahickon Ave. Apt 5XX
Complainant being cared for by the offender at his residence. Cmpl states that the offender took several items from his home: debit card, rent money and 2 prescriptions for Percocet. Offender, Aneisha B., is employed by Quality Care Angels. Value: $2,400

4201 Henry Ave.
Complainant parked her 2014 Ford Escape in parking garage at listed date and time when an unknown person took vehicle and fled the garage. Compl. keys were taken from her pocket book ln the office where she works. Compl. didn’t give permission to anyone to take her vehicle and keys. Value: $13,000

Aggravated assault
5450 Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant states that during an argument over her phone, she struck offender one time with an open hand. Compl states offender struck her twice on the right side of the face causing her to “pass out for a couple seconds.” Compl bleeding from nose/mouth. Medic 28 transported to Einstein. Offender arrested.

4068 Ridge Ave.
Complainant reports that an unknown black or other dark colored minivan drove into the parking area of the childcare center, and an unknown male exited the van and walked into view of surveillance camera, briefly showing face. Male walked over to compl’s vehicle (2005 Chrysler Town and Country) where he remained on front passenger side for approximately (3) minutes. Compl says that her front passenger side wheel/tire is gone. Value: $110

33XX Midvale Ave. 
Complainant left his bicycle in his garage, which he left open when unknown person took the listed item from the garage. Value: $600

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  1. 3/4
    Hit and Run
    414 Manheim St

    I was headed south down Manheim around 6pm on Monday 3/4/19 when I saw a white sedan hit the tail of a grey suv that was turning left across the main road. The white sedan swerved left around them rather than slow down, lost control, jumped the curb, and hit a pedestrian waiting for the bus. They didn’t stop, but sped towards me, barely missing the nose of my car by inches. I slammed on the brake and my phone flung within my car from the jolt.

    I don’t think anyone caught the license plate. Three cars pulled over to access the damage. A white woman from the suv and black man behind me in a black mustang stopped and both called 911. I couldn’t find my phone that fell in my car, so I just waited.

    Most injured from the impact was the pedestrian, a young black woman. She was hit head on, flew backwards 16 feet in the air, and stayed conscious. Her shoes flew off, her leg bent, and her phone totally cracked. She did not fly over the car. She said her arm, legs, and head hurt. I put my black and white scarf on her to keep her warm as we waited. She laid there without moving for 15 minutes until an ambulance came. They put her in a neck brace and lifted her onto the stretcher.

    They didn’t ask us many questions and the police never showed. They wanted to know if she was in the street or on the curb. She was clearly on the curb. There were muddy tire marks on the curb.

  2. That’s terrible. Glad you weren’t injured. I hope the cops follow up with the two other motorists. That driver needs to be caught!

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