Group Wissahickon Walk — Bear Free!*

Relaxed, dog-friendly hike this weekend from Henry Ave trail head! Includes hermits’ caves, a Lover’s Leap, and a hidden playground/ballfield under a canopy of trees. If recent bear sightings have turned you off the Wissahickon, come join the security of our group walk!     
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Local news has been abuzz with reports of a black bear swimming in our Wissahickon creek near Valley Green in Roxborough. Essentially right where the above photo was taken — easily reached by a path off Henry Avenue, one of our three favorite local trailheads.

Last month when we planned a group hike here, torrential downpours washed us out.  This time around — a bear?! We will not be daunted. Safety in numbers, and all. Also, has some tips (of course they would), and plus we found an informative video from a few years back with many useful tips.

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So join us! We’ll leave 5:00 pm for a sunset hike, about a 90-minute loop on both paved trails and wooded paths. No climbing, but cool rocky outcrops to explore if you’re into that sorta thing. Some nice stretches along the creek, too — plenty  opportunities for pups to get their paws wet. (Warning: goose poop in some areas, yuck)

Meet at the parking lot on Henry Avenue, right over the bridge. Rain or shine, folks — unless it’s windy or there’s lightening cause, trees. Although we cancelled last month (cold & rainy is another bad combo), we still needed photos so we wound up doing the walk ourselves, anyway. Enjoy our soggy slideshow!

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Don’t they look thrilled?

So our walk shoots off to Daisy Field, an important local resource for families. Two playgrounds, two sets of swings, plus two ball fields’ worth of running space. All set back off an unassuming street in Roxborough, surrounded by trees and overlooking a dramatic gorge. One of the prettiest neighborhood parks around.

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Closeby, we’ll take a peek at Hermit’s cave — not really a cave but a springhouse where a cult of 17th Century Doomsdayers would meditate and wait out the Second Coming.  The creepy monument  outside was placed there in 1961 by the Rosicrucian Brotherhood, who honor Transylvanian Johannes Kelpius as an original fraternal member.

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The hike continues under the bridge to another historical location: Lover’s Leap. Legend has it a young Native American couple leaped to their death here in a tribal dispute over their marriage rites. Impressive views over Lincoln Drive & the Wissahickon gorge. Interesting geology on this part of the trail, too.

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So we’ll wind down to the creek, popping out on Forbidden Drive — a paved, shaded path with the Wissahickon rushing over rocks alongside. From there, we’ll circle back around to the possibly-haunted Hermitage (an old mansion vaguely associated with the Hermits) off a road leading back to the parking lot.

Afterwards, maybe we’ll move onto an outdoor patio like Murphy’s, Taproom, or Cranky Joe’s..? Out for ice cream, perhaps? Group bender in AC?

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Let’s start with a walk and see what happens. Hope you can join us!

PS Looks like our bear’s moved on, maybe to Chester County?



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