FEBRUARY QUIZZO: Super Sunday Spectators

Superbowl, schmuperbowl. Let’s go Birds in 2022!!

Super Bowl LVI is February 13th this year and the Eagles shocked just about everybody by sneaking into the playoffs (even if only for a hot minute). In honor of exceeding expectations and giving us hope for next season, a round about the Eagles.

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Now let’s put your home team knowledge to the test….

  1. Beating the reigning Super Bowl champions, which NFC South team won the Super Bowl last year?
  2. A better score and a bigger bird than a “birdie”, an eagle in golf is how many strokes under par?
  3. One of the last mall brands still standing, which over-priced preppy clothing company that fits the category has over 900 stores in the country?
  4. Most famous for being on stage during the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, which band that fits the category doesn’t actually play the type of music in their name?
  5. Nowadays used to announce any successful arrival, the quote “the eagle has landed” was popularized by Neil Armstrong from which spaceflight?
  6. Nicknamed Oppy, which Mars rover completed its mission and came to rest in Eagle Crater on the Meridiani Planum 14 years and change after initial plans?
  7. The Bald Eagle, the national bird, is native to 49 of the 50 states. What state is the only one to not have bald eagles?
  8. Best known for his disciplined manner and ultra-patriotism, which Muppet was the self-appointed censor on The Muppet Show?
  9. Though I’m not sure why the main characters didn’t just ride them the whole time, Eagles were a key method of transit in which fantasy film/book series?
  10. Preferring to get into a fight with a cabby rather than listen to them, which Coen Brothers title character “hate[s] the fuckin’ Eagles, man?”

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