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It’s here, it’s gone, it’s back! The heart-warming story of a little cabinet of local charity.  

When I read Felicite’s original post, my heart really sank. If you know Felicite Moorman (IQL neighbor & CEO of global tech company BuLogics/StraIS), you’ve witnessed her true superpower: her indefatigable optimism. The woman relentlessly pushes back against negativity with an infectious, can-do spirit that’s all about faith in basic human goodness and cooperation. And so far, it always wins.

So this uncharacteristic post felt like an alarm flag. How bad could things be, if Felicite feels like giving up? I took a sec to refresh the post, and whew. She’d already edited it. She was willing to chalk it up to a misunderstanding, and was already determined to find a replacement cabinet. Along with some bolts, of course, to secure it to the concrete in front of BuLogics.

Neighbors on Facebook and Nextdoor shared theories (and outrage), and eventually tracked the cabinet down on Craigslist – a seller in Bala Cynwyd was asking $35 for it, “I have a load of furniture for sale CHEAP!” Images in the listing show the cabinet is exactly similar to the one taken from Midvale Ave, right down to a distinctive ding in one corner.

A neighbor from Penn Street trucked out to buy Felicite’s cabinet and deliver it back to her. Mere days after its disappearance, East Falls Free Library and Food Bank was once again ready to serve the community. Take THAT, negativity!

Three cheers for neighborhood support and crime busting in this Case of the Missing Cabinet:

Jake H. Someone needed a cabinet.

Jason H. Did they at least take the books?

Felicite M. Weirdly, yes.

Joe J. I suspect it may have been one of the ESL scrappers… Camera?

Felicite M. I didn’t want people who need the food to feel watched.

 Amy T. Wait. Taking the cabinet is a pretty awful thing. But then to sell it? Are you kidding me??

 Gary C. Well to be fair “stolen” is a bit of a loose term here considering the circumstances. Have you possibly purchased furniture that was left out for trash?  That’s more likely.

Ntuthu N.  Did anyone ask him how he got it? I’ve gotten various pieces of furniture from him over the years and would hate to think they were stolen… I never got a shady vibe from him but I’m really curious now…

Felicite M.  I can get over this. I can focus on filling a need in the community, which may well serve addicts. I can get beyond judgment and anger, and serve. Join me. I’m focusing on the AWESOME NEIGHBORS…not the addicted ones…otherwise, what is a Free Library & Food Bank for?

Todd B.   The cabinet has been recovered.

Felicite M.  Home Sweet Home!!! Thank you, Todd Broadbent!!! Will bolt down tomorrow! Add additional signage! And start refilling! Neighbors welcome to join! Love y’all! ❤️

Amy T. There are so many reasons why I love this town. Felicite – you are awesome for starting “the cabinet”. Todd – you are equally great for bringing it back home! Thank you!

Felicite & colleagues restock the new, secured cabinet (3/11/19)

PILE ON THE POSITIVITY – Come by to donate books, food, personal care & household items, share encouraging notes or helpful information for those in need.

East Falls Free Library and Food Bank
3721 Midvale Avenue
Leave what you can, and please take what you need (but not the cabinet).


  1. Hello agin!

    I am a friend of Felicite Moorman from Germany and I would like to hide a geocache in the cabinet. My question is, can I use the text (Story) from your site for the geocache description?

    Thank you,
    best regards
    Ringo Ziesche

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