June 2019

Aggravated assault
41XX Ridge Ave. 
Complainant states that her and her boyfriend were cleaning the backyard when offender (compl’s former contractor) showed up and demanded $100 and boxes of tile. Compl told offender to leave but offender grabbed a rake, hit compl. and tried to drag her to the ground. Offender assaulted compl and witness, compl has a scrape to the arms and sides. Offender fled northbound on foot.

33XX Wiehle St. 
Complainant states that a package was stolen from his front step. Package contained a “Thigh Master” fitness item. Offender (11-13 year old black male, black shirt, blue shorts), walked away with the package, out of compl’s view. Value $15

36XX Calumet St.
Complainant had a dispute with offender over unknown reasons when the offender got mad and took her house and car keys. Value $50

34XX W. Queen Ln. 
Complainant parked his 2018 Mazda 3 at listed location at listed date/time returned to vehicle on 6/18 at 6:30AM, he observed his vehicle was ransacked and items missing: a black laptop bag, silver Lenovo IdeaPad laptop and $20 gift card. No forced entry. Value $450

37XX Calumet St. 
Owner’s house was burglarized on 6/14 and during burglary his spare vehicle keys were taken. The complainant’s 2018 gray Subaru Outback was last seen parked at listed location on 6/17 at 6PM. When complainant returned on 6/18 at 11:30AM the vehicle was gone. Complainant did not notice that the spare keys were missing until after his vehicle went missing. Value: $31,000

3629 Midvale Ave. 
Complainant dropped off his 2009 Honda Fit (Ohio plates) at auto shop at 3629 Midvale at 3PM on 6/14. Vehicle was parked on the street in front of the location. Compl returned on 6/15 at 7:30AM and found all 4 tires, rims, and lugnuts missing. vehicle was left sitting on old tires. Compl will notify owner. Vehicle was parked under police security camera on telephone pole. Value $830

35XX Ainslie St. 
Complainant states his tailgate door was unlocked at about 8:30. Unknown person(s) went into his silver 2004 Jeep Wrangler and took the following items. Three credit cards, a debit card, dark brown wallet, green and blue bag, portable memory bank, fishing gear. Value: $1200

34XX W Penn St. 
Complainant left her gray 20l0 Nissan Altima on 6/14 at 7PM. When she returned on 6-15 at 1PM she noticed the driver side door was ajar and the following items taken. Four dress coats, 5 jackets, sunglasses, phone charger, and $10 cash. Value: $500

37XX Calumet St.  
Complainant left the listed location at 10AM and returned at l:30PM to find her rear kitchen window broken out and rear door open. Living room was ransacked with listed items taken. Two latent prints lifted. $250 cash, Cannondale racing bicycle silver and black with black and white writing. Red handle bars. Value: $2450

2900 W School House Ln. 
Complainant parked her 2008 Toyota Prius on 6/13. When she returned, she found her rear passenger side window broken out and noticed the following items missing. Silver MacBook, Coach bag, camera bag with camera, duffle bag, misc clothing, black suitcase, 3 pairs shoes, phone charger, 2 bottles of Citalopram, bottle of lithium. Value: $2700

41XX Ridge Ave. 
Complainant states she received an alert from UPS stating that her iPhone had been delivered and was on her front porch. When she arrived home there was no phone on her porch. Value: $400

3300 Henry Ave.  
Director at Eastern University reported that an unknown person was inside the building and took an Epson projector (tabletop type, white in color) Value: $1000

2900 W School House Ln. 
Complainant parked her 2010 black Toyota Corolla at approximately 12:30AM on 6/8. She returned to her vehicle at about 6:50PM to find passenger side front window broken and black Ray Ban sunglasses and unknown amount of change mlssing from vehicle. Scene printed with negative results. Value: $250

2900 W School House Ln. 
Complainant parked her 2013 tan Nissan Altima at about 11:30PM on 6/7. She was called to location by police in reference to broken window. Vehicle appeared to be rummaged through with items taken out of consoles. She stated nothing taken. Scene processed and prints recovered front inside of passenger side front window. Tinted window broken then removed during incident. Value: $250

Aggravated assault
5450 Wissahickon Ave. 
Complainant stated that offender punched her repeatedly in the mouth, grabbed her head and smashed it into the wall several times. She was transported by medic where she received 15 staples in her head. Police observed cuts to compl’s lips. She was transported to NW detectives division.

4300 Kelly Dr. 
Complainant parked, locked, and secured his 2013 silver Kia Sorento. When he returned, his passenger window was shattered and the following items were taken from under front passenger seat: a black iPhone 8, credit card, debit card and various IDs. Value: $900

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