Look, Ma — Non Profit!

In this month of thankfulness, we feel extra grateful for an exciting new partnership taking our neighborhood newspaper to the next level. 

East Falls Local has always felt more like a community resource than a business – and now it’s official. Last month after a selection process that involved abundant paperwork and a personal interview, East Falls Local was accepted into CultureTrust as a project under CultureWorks of Greater Philadelphia’s “humanities” branch.

Which is to say that a non-profit Center City organization was like, “Hey, these cats jibe with our mission to promote arts, heritage, and creative communities – let’s hook them up with grants and help them get their crap together!”

In case it’s not obvious we are extreeeeeemely thrilled about this. We’ve always joked between us that we sometimes we could really use a boss who could tell us what to do because We. Are. Not. Business. People. That we’ve managed to keep this blog/paper going for three years is a miracle and a mystery to us both.

And getting accepted into CutlureTrust is kind of a thing – not everyone’s invited to this party. CultureWorks is interested in exploring our print/social media hybrid we’ve been developing, thanks to our neighborhood’s diverse makeup of informed, lively, and outspoken personalities. The news practically writes itself around here! And you couldn’t ask for better readers than the people of East Falls.

Thank you, everyone! Whether you’ve smiled for our camera or scowled. Whether you appreciate our coverage or wish a different “Local” were here instead. You’ve helped us find our voice and purpose. Thank you for every comment, share, follow, and like. Thank you for speaking your minds at public meetings.

Thank you for coming out to our events, and for supporting our awesome sponsors around town. We love what we’re doing, and appreciate the opportunity to help neighbors enjoy and improve our surroundings. And talk things out, when necessary.

We can’t possibly express our gratitude for the neighbors who contribute tips, pictures, articles – even columns. A top priority moving forward with CultureWorks is adding even more voices to East Falls Local. As we grow, you’ll likely find greater diversity in our coverage and events, plus more blurring of the lines between neighborhoods.

Though we’re all for connectivity, we’re still firmly rooted in the Falls. We won’t be moving downtown or selling out to Corporate or running off with fistfuls of grant money anytime soon. We’re excited to have the resources to carry out some of the plans we’ve been cooking up all these years!

Stay with us as step up our game, thanks to CultureTrust thru CultureWorks. And heads up to our sponsors: your ads may be tax-deductible, let’s catch up soon.

– Steve and Carolyn Fillmore  November, 2017

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