Mad or Nah: Spoiler Alert

Supreme Court is not so nonpartisan after all.

The nation’s highest court is often held up as one of our most legitimate institutions, one that’s supposed to be above the political fray.

But the recent leak of a draft majority opinion in Roe vs. Wade has spiraled the court into disarray and undermined public trust. Can the Supreme Court survive this blow of its reputation? I hit the streets of Philly to get residents reactions and ask the question, “Does this extraordinary breach make you Mad or Nah?

Neighbors sound off! NOTE: Some speakers provide their names & neighborhoods, some don’t. Check out their voices in the original recorded interviews (above), transcribed here:

  • I think that it it’s not good that nobody’s doing anything about it. Like what else can we do in the future that focuses on like, what the leak is about, but not how I got out. And I think that tarnishes their reputation for sure. – Resident, Montgomery County
  • So it doesn’t make me mad. And I think the Supreme Court will survive. But I think the Supreme Court, like any branch of government needs to catch up with the times. So while I don’t believe in this court packing strategy, and I think the country’s too polarized to potentially make this happen. But I think it’s time for term limits. As an American, period, regardless of the political spectrum. I don’t want someone dictating or deciding critical cases that can shape the tapestry of America for so long.  – Resident, Chester County (interviewed Roxborough)
  • Absolutely makes me mad. It’s just a reflection of how the United States is slipping towards fascism. Very simply. – Resident, Center City
  • I am an American. I’m also an Australian. I don’t know that it messes up the reputation of the court, per se. I think that there are challenges with the reputation of the court at the moment anyway. And the way that sort of partisanship seems to be playing into the court. I’m much more concerned about the fact that certain Supreme Court justices have not recused themselves when it’s clear that that should be discussed. I still trust in the court. But I think that there’s so much before the leak that has been problematic. – Resident, Philadelphia
  • Doesn’t make me mad, but jeopardizes the image of the Supreme Court. That’s been going on for years now. So as far as I’m concerned, the leak was okay. I like to know what they’re thinking. – Resident, Philadelphia
  • I guess I was very shocked at first, hearing it. I was surprised that such a huge leak could be released. Overall, I’m just really disappointed that this is what the Supreme Court is thinking and I think that’s really just a huge violation. – Resident, West Philly
  • Yes, that’s supposed to be the highest of the courts. That never should’ve leaked out. That means that nothing’s sacred, know what I mean? We can’t trust them. We can’t trust the Supreme Court. – Resident, North Philly.
  • I think that it really shows the kind of day and age we live in where confidential information like that being leaked, for whatever agenda is acceptable. And I find that unacceptable, because these aren’t celebrities. These are our politicians, these people making laws for us.  – Resident Philadelphia
  • No because they’re going to run things the way they want to run them anyway. You know? Regardless whether you like it, or I like it.  – Resident Philadelphia

How ‘Bout You? 

Reading these comments, are you mad or nah? Big mad, little mad? Leave your comment below! Or reach out to and let her know how you feel. Read the last Mad or Nah here.

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Tamara Russell (aka Proof of Consciousness aka P.O.C.) hosts and produces a variety of award-winning shows featured on Uptown Radio 98.5FM and Philly’s WHYY/NPR/PBS outlets. "Mad or Nah" is an original woman-on-the-street interview series from REVIVE Radio that asks Philadelphians about issues impacting their everyday life.

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