Peace for All East Falls at Mifflin

This past Friday December 19th, Mifflin School hosted two very special performances in the grand old auditorium of this Colonial Revival structure, built in the 1930’s.

Mifflin School’s Winter production, “Songs of Peace,” included a peace-themed musical number for grades kindergarten through 7, with narration by 8th graders.

There were plenty of wonderful and inspiring performances during the production, like Nicole Boyd’s third graders singing “What a Wonderful Kind of Day.” (Ms. Boyd jammed her holiday heart out to boot!)

Ms. Stacey DelloBuono (6th grade) organized the production, designed the decorations, and kept things running with tech support. She even hung the lights spelling out “Peace” herself, up on a ladder with the words projected from her laptop onto the dark blue curtains.

At the end of the show, the students presented her with flowers and a card of thanks.

The 540-seat auditorium was filled to capacity with students, faculty and parents. A lot of folks milled around afterwards over soft pretzels in the main hallway, chatting and laughing and catching up.

St. Bridget’s Teen Choir at Mifflin

Later that evening, Mifflin’s stage lit up again for St. Bridget’s Teen Choir, led by Elise Malizia (through a friendly connection with Joe Boyle, who organizes the choir’s performances).

Neighbors gathered over egg nog, cookies and coffee, while East Falls Historical Society’s Steve Fillmore and Lyda Doyle (who is also a Mifflin alum, class of 62) provided the Mifflin Scrapbook for browsing, and then walked a small tour through the historic hallways.

A intimate concert of traditional Christmas carols followed, with some audience members joining in softly from their seats, while others stepped right up to the risers.

Without time to rehearse or prepare for the space, the concert was relaxed, with an off-the-cuff spontaneity. Some kids even went for solos, much to the delight of family and friends — many visiting Mifflin for the first time ever, despite growing up in East Falls and walking past this building their whole lives.

Though neighborhood turn-out was modest, the significance of this event was not lost on those gathered.  Nor was the potential opportunity before us:

Mifflin School kids have no music program or teachers, but a wonderful space to perform. And St. Bridget’s kids have a music program and plenty of teachers, but no space to perform.


Could this be a match made in Heaven? Maybe St. Bridget has been chatting with St. Cecelia.… ???



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  1. Thanks Carolyn for the pictures and videos! The kids had a blast. I would have loved to listen to the St. Bridget’s Teen Choir. Let us know when they perform again 🙂

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