Sometimes you just have to follow your gut and hope the Universe has your back. 

What do you do if you see a dog running down Allegheny Avenue, chased by dirt bikes? If you’re Lorena Wilson, you pull over. Immediately.

“Leaving her in traffic damn sure wasn’t an option,” she said in a moving Facebook post on Sept 3rd, the day she found this frightened shar-pei mix:

“I got her home and I had to bathe her because she was infested with fleas and her skin is raw and bloody from being so itchy. That alone made my heart break but once we got settled, I realized this poor girl’s teeth have been filed down and she has some of the worst pressure sores I have ever seen.”

Despite the abuses she’s suffered, AbbyRose is a sweetie. She’s got a gentle disposition — charming Lorena the way she politely enjoyed her chicken dinner with a cup of ice cream their first night together.

“AbbyRose, I won’t let you down.” Lorena made a solid promise to this grateful, trusting dog. She didn’t know how, exactly, but she’d turn to friends, family, and community – and somehow she’ll find a way to help her.

Obviously, bankrolling vet bills is a huge challenge for any rescuer but Lorena has even more pressing issues: she has two dogs at home who are dealing with cancer. As such, she can’t bring AbbyRose home because even though she’s not reactive, medically she’s working through issues that could compromise her dogs’ immune systems.

So Lorena’s spending her nights hunkered down with AbbyRose in a garage.

“AbbyRose crept over in the middle of the night, laid her head right on me and started snoring away. OMG, I am dying inside knowing what this girl has been through.”

After a visit to Wissahickon Creek animal hospital Sept 5th, AbbyRose is responding well to medication for skin & mammary infections. She’s also lapping up all the affection she can get! She seems familiar with toys and even the command “sit.” Lorena’s posted some adorable videos where AbbyRose’s personality really shines.

Wissahickon Creek accepts donations over the phone, just call 215-483-9896 to send any amount to Lorena/AbbyRose’s account or paypal for continued care. All donations greatly appreciated. If you can foster, please contact Lorena on Facebook or call 215-459-7828. More pics & info on Lorena’s Facebook page

PS: LOST DOG! Please keep your eyes peeled for Betty Schneider’s beloved Daisy, who got out of her home on Crawford September 2nd. If you see her, please contact Betty on Facebook. 

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